question regarding my blood tests

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clerty, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. clerty

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    my reum doc just e mailed me my results he said
    that my corsitol levels where normal and tests for inflamation of the muscles was normal and muscle emzyme was normal I am happy about this but why cant I hope with stress then and why do my muscles ache so bad and yet tests come back normal.I am confused !!!

  2. obrnlc

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    Hi clerty,
    that is what causes SOOOOOO much frustration, also causes so many dis. co and docs to NOT believe us! (No OBJECTIVE evidence....)
    This is the whole nature of this rotten DD, when you have something you are so positive must be wrong, then tests are normal, and everyone says "you should be happy, you don't have X,Y, and Z, your tests are fine..."
    and you don't WANT to have some strange disease that shows a muscle deterioration, etc. BUT--that DD probably has a treatment, a name with recognition, a method of control, or at least an expected timeline!

    we KNOW we should be happy tests are OK, but can't we find SOMETHING to pin all these crazy symptoms on!!

    Sorry for your frustration, we share in your pain!!
    take care, L
  3. clerty

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    Back to the drwaing board then

  4. CanBrit

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    I've had so many blood test, scans, procedures, etc over the past 3 years since my diagnosis. It used to really bother me in the beginning because I couldn't understand how you could feel so much pain and yet nothing ever shows up.

    Now, I still have to have the tests because they do need to rule out other things, but I never expect to hear back that the results are actually not normal. There was only one exception when my thyroid went south. I though that maybe they have found my trouble. Not!

    Our condition is what it is. A very painful, troubling and confusing syndrome.

    Sucks eh!!!