question. should I excersice when in a flare up/PAIN????

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    Hello all I have CFS/FMS..more of the FMS in the past year. Anyway I am not sure what to do. When I am in a really bad pain flare up is it better to do some lite excersise? Will that make me feel better or sicker? Any advice? For my excersice when I am not in a flare, I usually am able ot walk or do lite pool excersises. Any feedback or what works for you all would be appreciated. I feel like when I am in a bad pain flare up it is best for me to rest? Maybe I am doing something wrong and should be moving around? Also when I get the excrutiationg pain I usually fun fevers 99-101 Thanks and better health to you all WW68
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    Hey! Hope you having a better day today! I have been having lousy ones lately.

    I have been taking a yoga class given by the MS Society here in Memphis for about 3 months now. There is another Fibro lady in this class. A friend recommended it to me because it was planned out for MS patients and a gentle class. For MYSELF (as we are all different) I find if I do not stretch I'm heading for trouble. I slip into a relapse very quickly if I'm not stretching.

    The yoga class is such a positive place and I get so much from just being there, even if I can't participate in all the postures. My yoga master, an 83 yr old woman who looks 20 yrs younger, says it's Progress not Profection.

    If I do two postures or 20 it's all good.

    You may want to try to add activity to your day very slowly. Try doing gentle stretches in a hot shower to warm up. See how you feel after that. Remember your pain is the only way your body has of telling you to slow down.

    If you can't do it today...perhaps you can try tomorrow.

    Meditation helps me so much. It gets me past the pain for a while.

    I hope I've helped a little. I send soft hugs. Neen

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    if I try and it causes dreadful pain, then I don't do it.
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    to get in my pool and use one of those noodles and just do stretches while the foam noodles help you float. I did this just the other day when I was in such a bad flare, I could barely walk. For me, If I do not exercise, it just gets worse. But be careful, if you are experiencing extreme fatique, which in my case I was not, I probably would just rest. I find that stretching in the water and meditating and just quieting my mind has helped me so much. Love and blessings, Iggy
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    I think you do have to listen to your body, but....

    For 9 months after I got sick, I was still able to walk my 1-1/2 to 2 miles most days. Then I suddenly was unable to, so I stopped. When I asked an expert at a support group meeting (Dr. Robert Bennett's wife and assistant), she said I should have kept it up to some extent, even if it was only to walk around the block.

    It's now 5-1/2 years later and I *still* haven't been able to resume regular exercise, though I walk when I can.