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  1. DavidTeer

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    We went to court may 27 and was approved for ssi. How long will it take for us to get our benefits? We were told by the judge that we would get a letter in about a week but are still waiting on it. I need to know how long ittook you to get your checks. thanks Dave
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    Hi Dave

    I am in Alabama but the states are mostly standardized when it comes to SSI and SSD.

    SSI benefits start arriving in about one month. Usually your monthly amount. Have you had a conference at the local office yet. They are who sets your monthly amount for SSI and when you will get it. they also transfer all documentation for the SSD if you qualified. The limp sum here for SSI is 6k maximum every 6 months and if you qualified for SSD the amount of SSI gets deducted from your SSD amount. It is so... confusing I called alot until things happened.

    SSD is a whole other issue. It comes from Baltimore MD and it takes up to as long as 6 months to receive the lump sum amount. However, your monthly allotments will be sooner.

    Hope this helps some