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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cristine04, Apr 2, 2003.

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    Hi everyone! As I have mentioned on this site before, my doctors will not diagnose me with either Chronic Fatigue or Fibro. I want to know if the reasoning behind their decision, or lackthereof seems on the mark.

    I don't have the "14" points for fibro: no pain in neck or back. And I don't have the sore throats or constantly swollen glands which I have been told are the underlying symptoms, along with fatigue for CFIDS. (I get Swollen glands maybe once per month if that. Low grade fevers once every eight weeks or so). For me it's just feeling very tired and having the muscle weakness and aches. I also have toe fungus. My last blood test was just about perfect except since my flu shot my white count has been elevated by about 1-2,000. Doctor called that "trivial" but I can feel the elevatio and believe this is what makes me tired. In terms of sleep I get 8-10 hours per night waking up maybe once or twice. These are my symptoms.

    I trust you because you've been through this! Any input I will value as I am in limbo at this point. Thanks 1 million.
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    I'm just one of the many they "practice" on!

    You have a little more of the signs of CFS than I do but I have had such severe fatigue that my naturopath felt I fit more into the chronic fatigue than the FMS pattern. I was diagnosed with FMS by a D.O. who really doesn't care what happens to me. So whether they declare a syndrome or not if you have most of the signs of it and they have eliminated ALL other possibilities who knows?

    I would really try a specialist - someone on this board might suggest someone if you get into further discussion.

    I might add that I finally had my first B12 shot last Friday and it made so much difference in my fatigue. I was actually able to do a few things. Have to wait, tho, until end of April for my next one(s).

    You see - I don't have the low fevers that I'm aware of and lymph nodes not necessarily swollen but they hurt. The fatigue is my major complaint and the never-ending pain all over my body that has put me in bed for 22 hours a day.

    Good luck with your answers here - can't wait to see what everyone else has to say.

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    I want to try some of those b12 shots but do they have to find a deficiency in a lab to give you that?? Yes it does seem my symptoms fit under the "chronic fatigue umbrella" as my acupunturist said. The big question is whether or not this is reaction to the flu shot which will go away (I had the shot when I was sick with a cold, bad idea) OR lyme OR chronic fatigue. Obviously I am hoping it's the flu shot reaction which will hit the road. I too can't wait to see some ofthe responses I get on this just seems that although my fatigue is bad, some of the experiences I read about on this website are soo much worse than my own.
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    Bumping...looking for some input on this one pleaseee!
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    It does not sound like Fibro at all to me, but I am no expert on CFS, so am not sure about that one. Maybe systemic candida overgrowth?