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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelfoo, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. angelfoo

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    Hello Everyone, Kinda long....

    I have not posted that much it just seems when I write nothing comes out like want it to it is either vague or just sounds stupid. I am not going to give up though.

    So here it goes..... I have had it said to me by a Dr.3 years ago that he was not going to Diagnose me with cfs because it would be hard to have insurance coverage if my insurance ever changed. Pre exsisting condition?

    Well it turns out I have changed Ins 2xs now due to my husband losing his job. Which has been big time stress. He just started another job this week. We had bcbs now we have united health care.

    As I know our history follows us and I am wondering if there is in my history that is really screwing up getting help. They all say I am depressed and and want to give antidepressants. I am currently on Lexapro. I am so confused? Yes I am depressed because I feel like poo all the time. Not the other way around. They use depression I think so they do not have to look at what is really going on!?

    I think it was Mikie on this board that said it sounded like I did not have my medical stuff in order.Protocol that was the word! I believe that. Thank you Mikie. I need help getting it together. Diagnoses or not. I really need some help.

    I have to fill out new insurance papers and there is a question on there do you have CFS or Fibro or both. I have not been diagnosed with either, I know the doctor I saw last put in there possible cfs. Do I put what I know to be true or what? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

  2. tansy

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    he believes doing so will help ensure my Sx and disability are not perceived in the same way ME and CFS are in the UK. Problem is he includes PVFS that is seen in just the same way; but thanks to a few tests done in recent years he can also reference neuroligical deficits, spondylosis, arthritis etc.

    When my son became very ill he insisted he did not have ME, his doctors understood why, and so he had a bunch of other Dxes to explain his illness and symptoms. He had more Tx and tests as a result of not being Dx with CFS etc.

    A ME or CFS Dx means patients have very little else investigated or treated; here in the UK doctors are advised it's not necessary; the psychologisers don't want them to pander to our misguided illness beliefs.

    It looks as though the CDC are moving in a similar direction as the UK, Holland, and Belgium; so perhaps not having these Dxes for insurance purposes is a good idea.

    TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 08/19/2006]
  3. littleleafhopper

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    Hi Angelfoo

    You and I are on the same page. I am always worried about insurance. I have private insurance and am afraid to give it up to switch to my husbands company policy, for fear that I'll never be accepted again if he changes jobs or needs to quit!

    This is just my opinion but without a clear diagnosis from a physician then the answer would be no. Even if you suspect that you have the problem, no "authority" has tagged you with it, so for now I would think that for paper work you'd be in the clear. See what others think.

    Truly I wish that our legislation would work on the health care insurance problem, it's becoming a bigger problem daily for anyone with a cronic illness. Goodluck!

  4. Jessa34

    Jessa34 New Member

    Don't know if this will help or not -

    I had to go from full time to part time at work and my insurance changed. The former insurance company sent me a HIPPA form that stated that they treated me continuously from when I started work until the change in status.

    Without that form I would have had to go 18 months without the new company covering me due to seeing a doctor for a "preexisting condition". I just had to send in the form with my initial paperwork.

    If you weren't definitively diagnosed though I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe contact old insurance company to get that form just to cover yourself in case.

    Sorry I don't have more information for you. Good luck.

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