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    hello Mikie,

    i am new here and not so common with this board. i have lyme for 4 years and had a lot of AB and other treatment behind me.
    today i start lovenox (low molekular weight heparin). in germany it is not very common to inject heparin because of lyme, thus i can not find others who i can share experiences referring to heparin with. So i feel a little alone here.

    i am currently reading that you used heparin too. and you are herxing on it?!
    i want to use the heparin to clear my fog in the brain.

    how log did you stay on heparin? was ist heparin-natrium? can you recomment it?
    did you feel better after herxing from the heparin?
    do you know others, who find help with the heparin?
    are there more people in amerika that are herxing from the heparin or more who find a little release in their symptoms?

    sorry, so mutch questions, but no experiences in germany with that topic so far.

    thank you!
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    I know Mikie has not been feeling well.

    You may try posting your question to her on our FM/CFS board. I'm sure she will try to help you if she sees it, and is feeling well enough.

    Our FM/CFS forum is located here:

    Best of luck,
  3. Mikie

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    I've not been coming to some of the boards for a bit due to a bad fall which left me with head injury aftereffects.

    I injected Heparin in low doses for about a month, if I recall correctly (I've lost a lot of memory function in the fall and concussion). I did it to reduce excess fibrin where pathogens can hide out. As the fibrin/platelet clogs dissolve, a lot of pathogens are dumpted into the bloodstream quickly. The immune system goes crazy trying to kill them. Thus, the Herxing.

    There is no Heparin for individuals now, just for hispital use. Lovenox is the now preferred injection. After a lot of research, I found that Nattokinase, an enzyme supplement, is even more efficient than blood thinners and is much cheaper. I ended up having to use it for another buildup of fibrin and it did work well. It also produced Herxing as it dissolved the fibrin and platelet clogs in the bloodstream.

    Good luck to you with this treatment and please, keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie