Question To Those Reading Project Day Lily

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phoenixrising2, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. phoenixrising2

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    Is it worth me spending my money to buy it? I've been trying to find it used, but it's still around $20 plus shipping, so may as well buy new.

    I am reading Lab 257 now and it is slow going. My eyes have been bothering me a lot lately. If what they say in there is true, no telling what has been released into our environment. Could explain a lot, couldn't it?



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  2. phoenixrising2

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  3. findmind

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    Hi, phoenix!

    WEll, its hard to say "get the book!" because it is not easy to read. The dear drs garth and nancy nicolson are certainly not book writers, LOL!

    They have set the book in a fictional venue; however, they express personal feelings and opinions throughout the book, and they have very stilted dialogue and narrative.

    Remember, Garth nicolson is one of the most honored and prolific research writers in the world, so his writing fiction is a stretch, believe me!

    If they only could have gotten better editors.

    BUT, the book is very important in terms of understanding why mycoplasma infections plays such a central role in chronic illnesses of many kinds.

    It is also important because of the context in which it is written: in the so-called honored and revered "halls of medical research and academia". That becomes a shattered fallacy.

    It is also important for us to know how our government does not consider us human beings of worth: they have had and continue to have a very low opinions of us, the peoples of the world, and we are deemed guinea pigs in many dangerous and criminal ways.

    It depends on how much you want to get into the scientific and political issues of the diseases FM and CFS. Believe me, there is a LONG and devious political history regarding CFS, especially.

    Do you understand that we and many other govts of the world have been working on biological weapons for almost 100 years? How do you think these weapons get tested?

    To me, the most difficult part of learning of these military, medical, and research criminal activities has been reading the books! So many of the great minds that are trying to get the word out are not very good writers, so they get overlooked.

    Osler's Web is very well written (Hillary Johnson, author) and edited and it is one of the most comprehensive and well-documented books about CFS and AIDS written. It, also, is not easy to read because of the complexity of the political and scientific issues, but well worth your conscious attention.

    This latter book can be ordered from most CFS/FM websites; including maybe this one, co-cure and ncf-net. org(s).

    I have read PDL, and really loved it; however, I was already "primed" by the other things I had read about the man-made CFS and AIDS epidemics.

    Another good resource is the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, which publishes the Journal of Degenerative Diseases, which is NOT AT ALL like most medical journals. It is devoted to revealing the criminal activities of governments that actively experiment on their own subjects.

    You might search on this site and read what Mikie has to say, as she was very critical of the writing. All I can say is these drs are used to writing cut and dry research papers, not fiction, LOL!

    Good luck...maybe wait awhile and there will be a cheap used copy on Amazon or Ebay?

    There's always hope!

  4. victoria

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    And it is probably too new to get a used copy at this point...

    Probably all the people reading it are the same as us?


  5. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    for your very informative answer to my question.

    I read Osler's Web right after it came out. It took a long time to read and I remember how depressed I felt after reading it, even hopeless. I have recommended it to many people to read, though, because I believe it's information that needs to get out.

    I remember hoping when I read it that it would do for us what the movie with Tom Hanks did for Aids - get it out before the public. Brain fog...I can't remember the name of the movie, something like "And the Band Played On"? Of course, that never happened.

    I am very interested in the history of CFS and I get mad everytime I realize how long they have made everyone believe it is not really a disease. I hope I live to see the day that it all comes out in the open. I may have to live to be a very old woman. LOL

    Lab 257 talks about the virus leaks at Plum Island. These are zoonotic viruses. Who knows what has been covered up? Bird Flu may be mild compared to some of them.

    Thanks for telling me about the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation. I shall look that up.

    I do think I am going to read PDL, but will wait awhile and see if I can find it cheaper later on.

    Thanks again,

  6. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    Thank you for replying.

    With my blurred vision and fuzzy thinking, it would be VERY slow going with the fine print and the content.

    There should be a law against small print. They should all be like Dick and Jane books. LOL

    I am going to try to get it later on, though. It will take me awhile to get through Lab 257. Then I may want to rest before I take on something that thought provoking.

    Take care,


  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm very disappointed because there are some very important historical events but they get only slight attention while the authors go on and on, ad naseum, about how evil everyone else is. My guess is that they didn't think the unvarnished truth, even set in a fictional venue, would be enough to hold the reader's attention so they decided to try their hand at dialog. Big mistake.

    First, they didn't use the correct format for dialog so it's difficult to follow who is saying what. They repeat themselves, almost as though one sat down to write and the other took over, reiterating what the first one had just written. In short, it's a mess.

    I'm about half-way through and at this point, I would not recommend this book. We have a hard enough time following a well written book and this horrible writing makes it nearly impossible to get through--it's a loooooong book. I've taken to just skimming over the parts where they go over and over the diabolical debates of those who wish to harm them.

    From what I understand, there was at least one attempt on Nancy Nicolson's life. There are numerous attempts on the heroine's life in the book and she unbelieveably survives them all. I think this overdramatization (overkill, if you will pardon the pun) takes away from the importance of historical events. It reads worse than a cheap adventure novel.

    Finally, this book stoops very low in obviously taking revenge against everyone who ever crossed the Nicolsons. I can understand their outrage at how they have been wronged, but they really should take a higher road. It gets really old rereading about how evil and unethical, and even physically ugly, all their protagonists are.

    It is obvious that this book had to be written as fiction for legal reasons, but they should have hired someone to help them. Theirs is an amazing story which is lost in a very poor book. I hope that they will get someone to help them edit this down to something easier to read and focus on the important issues.

    Wow, I feel as though I just turned in a book report in school :)

    Love, Mikie
  8. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    Wow! Excellent book report. You get an A+ from me.

    Thank you for your insight on this book. It was very informative and made me decide not to try to read it right now. I may try later when my vision and my brain fog clears a little and the book gets a little cheaper.

    I had thought that the book was a true story and only the names were changed. I didn't know they tried to spice it up with over-dramatization. I can see where it would get into the realm of the unbelievable. Also, as you said about the revenge part, you wouldn't think they'd stoop to that. Thanks again.



  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Only because there's nothing on TV :) I'm at the point where the Nicolson's are getting involved with people in the Texas prison system who have been made sick through testing. This part is especially good because they seem to be staying pretty close to the historical events. Perhaps, as I get further into the book, I'm almost 2/3 of the way through now, I will see it in a better light. If you do decide to read it, you can skip through all the conversations among the coworkers trying to kill and discredit the Nicolsons and you won't have missed a thing.

    I feel bad panning the book because I have nothing but the highest regards for the Nicolsons; however, I cannot in good conscience recommend something I have found to be so poorly written. The Nicolsons are true heroes whose personal and professional lives have been almost destroyed because of their determination to get at the truth and help sick people.

    Thanks for the good grade, Teach! I'll report back when I've read a little further.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    "Project Day Lily" is the title of a book written by the husband/wife researchers who discovered the role of mycoplasmas in Gulf War Illness and a lot of other illnesses, including FMS and CFIDS. The book is fiction but written around what this couple went through trying to get help for the Gulf War Vets and others who were made sick by a mycoplasma which was biologically weaponized.

    Their story if fascinating but, unfortunally, the book is not very well written. It seems to be improving a bit as I get closer to the end. There is a lot of info on the web if one does searches on mycoplasmas, Gulf War Syndrome, and Gulf War Illness. Some of the info is credible and some is not.

    Love, Mikie
  11. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    I have Project Day Lily on my Amazon wishlist, but your reports of it are almost enough to make me take it off... sigh. I'll probably read it anyway, and just skip the bad dialogue as much as I can.

    I have to jump in and add my recommendation of Osler's Web, too -- excellent read, though it is long and quite dense -- it is very well written. Really openened my eyes to a lot of things about how the CDC and the NIH work, which has laid the groundwork for a lot of the recent research I've been doing about Lyme.

    I've read Lab 257, and I'm inclined to believe all of it -- after all, look at how many of us are sick with "mystery" illnesses --- it is a wonder that there weren't even MORE outbreaks. I thought it was a great, compelling read -- read almost like a horror thriller, until you realized again that it wasn't fiction....
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are both excellent, but scary, books. "Osler's Web" is a detailed history documentary of CFIDS, starting with the cluster outbreak in the mid-80's in Incline Village, NV, and how the CDC and NIH stonewalled anyone trying to get recognition for this illness. It is a bit dry but I managed to read most of it.

    "Lab 257" is also nonfiction and I believe it to be the truth. The total neglect of their responsibilities of those working on biological research at the Plum Island facility is staggering. That these things are allowed to happen is horrible. That our own govt. is aware and involved is beyond belief and yet, it appears to be true.

    The Nicolsons could not write a documentary of their experiences. They would be sued by everyone they would name and the possibility exists that they might not survive. They had to fictionalize the book. My only complaint is the quality of the writing and I have gotten around that obstacle.

    Love, Mikie

  13. julieisfree05

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    I have another recommendation for people interested in this sort of thing.

    "Emerging Viruses: Nature, Accident or Intentional"

    I think the author is "Horowitz", and Dr. Nicolson wrote the introduction.

    There are a LOT of documents procured under the Freedom of Information Act regarding the government's development of chemical and biological weapons. I still can't believe that the author was able to get some of the stuff in the book released.

    He is the same man who wrote the definitive book about the dentist (in FL, I think) who infected several of his patients with HIV and claimed that it was accidental. Turns out the dentist did it PURPOSELY for political reasons, but by the time this book came out the hysteria was out over getting HIV from your dentist cleaning your teeth.

    -julie (is free!)

    I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!

    - Various
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'll check into it.

    Geez, everything happens in FL. There are more scam artists here than anywhere else, I think, and some of them hold office :)

    Love, Mikie

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