Question -(try this again) Little Girl w/ weight problem

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    My old man has an 8 yr old girl, she has to wear a women's size 8. I ask because, I have 4 kids (3 girl & 1 boy)they are all little toothpicks, especially my little boy (if he turned sideways and stuck his tough out he would be a zipper...hee hee).

    I cook all the food around the house so we do not eat out. But the problem comes in when she wants 2nd's and/or 3rd's. But when my little boy wants them we want him to because he eats very little at times and has a high metabolism.

    One thing I have started to do is to serve up the plates, and on hers I put smaller portions so that when she wants 2nd's it winds up being no more then the others eat. I also do not keep any sweets in the house, nor are the kids allowed to have soda, except on special occasions.

    Any other suggestions???
    Thank You
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    I can't picture what kind of weight problem she has without knowing how tall she is. About how many pounds overweight is she?

    The first thing I would do is to take her to a peditrician for a complete exam, including blood work. She may have some type of medical problem ... like thyroid, diabetes, etc.

    Next, I would never compare her to your slim children. This just makes it worse for someone who is overweight.

    Encourage her to get some exercise ... play some sports with the other children. Does she like physical activity?

    I know you said you cook all of your food and do not eat out. But .... how do you fix things? Do you fry a lot of foods? Do you serve 1% or 2% milk. Do you serve a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables?

    I would follow the advice of her doctor after a complete evaluation.
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    ever compare her to the other kids. I am not sure how tall she is, but I am 5'6" and the top of head comes to about 3" from my armpit. Her mother and I work very hard in always fixing healthy things. I never want her to be obsesed with her weight. This is why I am looking for help

    I stay away from pasta's, if we use milk it's 2% (for some reason my youngest has a problem with the 1%), I do not fry a lot of foods because I have fibromyalgia so that just kicks my IBS in high gear. Fresh fruits and veggie's is a must. Also I have a low tolerance for to many carb things.

    I had not thought about a thyroid problem in such a young kid, I have a thyroid problem - were is my brain. But maybe I should suggest this to her mother and father. I was told that her dad was the same way as a child.

    Excercise, she and the others spend most evenings after chores, riding their bikes, jumping on the trapoline, and walking in the woods. I am thinking for this winter getting a fun exercise tape to have all the kids do with me.
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    getting her thyroid checked with a doctor. And ... maybe her sugar for diabetes. A lot of children develop diabetes. Is she always thirsty? Is she hungry all of the time? Those are signs of diabetes.

    Let me know what the doctor says.

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    I agree with everyone else that she needs to be evaluated by a pediatrician. I'd write the stuff on a note that is handed to the pediatrician so there is no mention of the weight issue in front of the child.

    Also, you didn't mention the "body type" of both of her parents. If they are both chunky, then she has genetics working against her.
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    the mom is convinced that it is just genetic and is not willing to go to the doctor, just to be sure that she does not have any other issues.

    The mom has a small build, short and tiny bone structure, a little more weight tight now due to just having a baby recently.

    The dad was what they called then a 'husky' kid and he is still a little on the overweight side, but is big boned as well.
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    the problem with childhood obeisty is not that they eat too much, it's because they need regular checkups to rule out medical problems. This poor little girl could very well have a thyroid problem or diabetes. It's down right cruel to sweep it under the rug by saying she has husky relatives.

    If you are married to her father you also have a responsiblity to the child. If she doesn't have a regular doctor a walk in clinic will treat her.

    If something is wrong, giving her smaller portions of food won't fix could make it worst.
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    I had not thought of stress. Her mother is always a little wound up. She is however insecure. I just want to make sure in no way or shape make her feel uncomfortable. I have never dieted in my life. I was raised on healthy home cooked meals, so I know that much. I just love her so much that I want to do everything possible not to hurt her feelings, and keep things going the way they are - as she recently has started to thin down, but just a little.

    Thank you so much patri for that great info. I really apprecite...

    Hugs to all (((())))
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    A good friend of mine has a 10 year old daughter that is a obese. I have known her all her life and it is like she does not have an apistate. She sees food and wants to eat..a lot of it. Now the kids are making fun of her at school and it is very hard for her when she changes clothes in gym.

    My friend took her to this program at our Children's Hospital. Insurance is paying for most of it. It is a FAMILY involvement. There is a nutritionist, psychologist, physical therapist. Goals are set and Lakita keeps a little journal of what she is doing. Mom and dad have goals set for them too. They see the psychologist once a month.

    The focus right now is to teach Lakita how to make healthy eating choices for herself and to have scheduled exercise times, even though she rides her bike and does other things. The focus is not on weight loss but to set her up for success and then the weight loss will follow. The support of her parents and brother is essential.

    I don't know if you have a Children's Hospital near by...but maybe checking with the pediatrician or a nutritionist make help you find a program for her.

    Hugs to you for caring about her so much!!!! Bless you

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    that is very good idea, I am going to see what I can do to get her involved in something like that, sounds very supporting.
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    stepdaughter doing?
  13. lovinlifeinAK

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    she is losing a little weight. Becoming more active and more sure of herself. She has finally become acustom to her meals and not wanting 2nds and 3rds anymore. I think that things are moving in the right direction.
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    Hi there, My niece is 13 and she is 5'2" @ 282 lbs. Her father (my brother) and mother have been divorced and she lives with her mom and step dad. This kid has been thru so much.

    She fails a stress test, has high b/p. Her father has sugar, and her grandad on her mothers side also have sugar.
    Her mother will not do anything for the child. All the mom thinks about is how to hurt the father. And she does this thru the child.

    I would fight tooth and nail to get her to the dr.

    Something is wrong.

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    I am still working on it. My kids dad was "husky" as a child, though he did thin out in high school - none of them have had this husky problem like their dad.

    The other reason is that over weight little girls have a really great chance of starting their periods at a very early age.....I will fight for her to see a doctor - as I love her as much as my own. I just have the hurdle of the bio parents to get through. If they would take her to an actual Doc - instead of this little clinic - they might get some real testing done for her.

    The mom has agreed to talk to me on Monday when I pick her up for her stay with us.