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    I have been trying to figure out what tendonitis is. at the appointment the other day i was told I had fibro and tendonitis. The only thing i am finding for this is artheritis stuff. Inless i am having a fibro fog moment and not getting it. it was in a specific spot that he said i had tendonitis just that I do have it. Thanks much everyone.
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  2. bamboo

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    i developed tendonitis last fall from painting fence boards, i.e. via repetitive motion. mine is commonly referred to as "tennis elbow". the area from the elbow down to my wrist became sore/burning - on top of the arm. i let it go for months, being told that it would eventually heal on its own. i got tired of it and finally went to see a physical therapist, who has used heat, ice, electro-stim and ultrasound on it and it is finally healing. she said that tendonitis means inflammation of the tendons. she has also given me exercises to do so that i can gradually strengthen the area and has educated me about how to avoid getting it in the future. highly recommend finding a good pt to help you. take good care!
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    That is one reason that I can no longer work. I believe that it is over use. I have Repetative motion Syndrome ( I think that is what it is called) I have it in my elbows. I use to work in a factory. Sometimes I would do a certain job over 4,000 times in one night. Now when I want to move my right arm,I have to pick it up with my left arm. It is a very painful thing to have. I hope that I could help. Gail
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    The thing is I don't have pain in my "elbows" so i guess i am not understanding this. i don't know maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about.
  5. little

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    My pain runs down from the elbow to the hand and up to the shoulder. The most pain is just below the elbow. There is a spot about two inches down that the PT would touch and it would go numb down to the fingers. Tendons aren't just by the elbow. Gail
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    perhaps i wasn't describing the pain i have clearly enough. it doesn't involve the elbow, per se, but does start about 2 inches below that joint, as someone else described. if the pain runs along the underside of the arm instead of on top, it is commonly referred to as "golf elbow" and it, too, doesn't mean that the pain is directly at the elbow. given that there are lots of tendons in the body, it certainly does seem that tendonitis could be found here and there.
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    Over-use and can be in a number of places. I have it in my foot really bad.

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    I have had tendonitis in all parts of my body. LOL Well almost all of them. I just got over over it in my right hand and one of my fingers. I keep in in my shoulders 90 percent of the time. I get it in my wrist and in the bends of my feet. It's very painful. Steroid shots and an inflammatory help some. i usually have a touch of swelling with the pain.