Question: What would be a memorable wedding gift?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by steach, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. steach

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    Hi Friends-

    My daughter is getting married tomorrow, yes tomorrow, while her fiancee is on leave from the Marines. I would like to get them something really special but can't think of anything out of the ordinary. Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

  2. sisland

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    This is a wonderful event in your lives!,,,The first thing i thought of was maybe a really nice picture frame for thier wedding photo,,,or maybe some nice crystal or a nice kitchen appliance,,,i guess it all depends on your budget,,,when my daughter got married the main gift i remember her getting was a kitchen aid mixer,,,those are spendy though,,,,,,,goodluck!,,,,,sis
  3. jole

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    I like personal keepsakes...I got big shelf/shadow boxes for my kids with glass fronts on them to hang in their living/family room. They keep their bridal boquets (sp), cake toppers, wedding photos, garters, etc. in them on display.

    Another idea...if they have a special song, get the music, have it framed with a really nice wedding border. (I see you like music, so may have something already along those lines?)

    My last daughter also had a large picture frame with a matt. All the guests signed and added good wishes on the matt (border), then their wedding picture went in the center afterwards. Another nice keepsake.

    These are all things that would travel easily if he's in the service. I was wondering also how much you were wanting to spend, as these aren't really expensive.....

    Perhaps a nice bed set..comforter, shams, sheets, etc.?
  4. ckball

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    I don't know if you are videoing the wedding, but I used my digital camera that also records videos, I got a 4 gig sd card and videoed the whole wedding of my grandaughter that got married in a small park. I then posted it on youtube so that everyone that couldn't be there could see it.

    My grandaughter still goes to my youtube channel to watch it, as I do too.

    Everyone else had good ideas too, you can never go wrong with a great picture frame or keepsake box. I also gave her a pair of my earrings that she had always liked and wore them on her wedding day. They weren't real gold or diamonds, such a large pair of hoops.

    It is not the money spent but the thought that counts. They make wedding diaries too, you know like first baby things. Hope you find something she loves-Carla
  5. steach

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    I opted to purchase a small diamond pendant on a necklace- it was reasonablly priced.

    I also video taped the ceremony and will have the tape dubbed for them or put on CD/Disc- very inexpensive, but, priceless.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. We haven't gotten the photos back yet to put them/it a matt (signed) with a special frame.

    After his training, he and she will move to California from the Ohio Valley Area. :( :(

    Thanks again,
  6. ckball

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    That was great, I have a DVD made for my grandaughter with pics and the video, she will always have that to watch any time.

    She turned 18, graduated catholic HS, got married and moved to Germany this summer, so I know what you mean. Now you need to get skype. If you have a built in camera on your computer it is free.

    Otherwise you need to spend about 20-40 bucks for a camera and you can talk to her and see her in real time. I talk to my GD all the time in Germany, we talked for 2 hours the other day. It really is cool-did I say it was FREE- you do have to have high speed or dsl but other than that it is a breeze.

    I live in Ashland Ky, what part of Oh are you in? Glad the wedding went great and the video idea helped-Carla