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  1. blondie123

    blondie123 New Member

    anyone taking Lyrica? If so, is it helping with the pain? do you gain weight? tell me all you know. New doctor, said i was having major pain, never heard of this drug before. thanks
  2. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I take it. For 3 mos now. All I can tell you is hang with it. My reasoning for that is,I have been prescribed a list of drugs which no one on earth should be aloud to take. I'e gotten my selfe in legal troubles, that are expensive, goes on my record, and truthfully would not have happened if I weren't on those drugs. I also did many things wrong that I did not get caught for. Drugs react differently person by person.
  3. mindbender

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    It makes me hungry all the time. It's a major job telling myself I'm not. I take a very large dose of Lyrica. All the other drugs blocked my connection w/ God, this one doesn't (for me.)