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    if you are taking different antifungal for CANDIDA, would it make you go to the bathroom, especially, if you are taking 3-4-5 different anti fungal all at one time.

    and how much is too much, should i decrease the amount to about 2 different ones..
    maybe three,

    i relly dont know, what would be considered a good amount to take, and be comfortable with.

    an answer will help me, and it's greatly appreciated.
    i have alot of anit-fungal, and i think tonight i took a little to much...anyone knowsif 2-3 is enough. thanks
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  2. AllWXRider

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    Candida Albicans is hard to kill. My fatigue told me to combine antifungals and rotate as they adapt. A bad die-off reaction is usually what slows down the treatment. If you don't much of a die-off, (lots of things can cause diarrhea) you could go to a lower maintenance dose.

    A permanent way to keep Candida in check is probiotics and a low sugar diet. If you're on antibiotics, keep treating for candida.

    I use 1-2 antifungal treatments/ day, I'm on the maintenance side of it.
  3. street129

    street129 New Member

    i knew i was doing something wrong, but didn't know what, i will only rotate two anti-fungal at different days. thanks again, you're an angel.
    i have't ate any sugar or anything with suger since april, my glucose is low 79.... range 85-115
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