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    1. Wondering...whether the sore throats caused by CFS is accompanied by excess mucus. I get sore throats, having to spit up mucus, no coughing, fevers etc sometimes with nausea because of the mucus.

    2. Anybody experiencing appearance of bruising? I call them blood spots, because they surface without any 'injury' or 'reason'. The dr keeps telling me dont worry but they just seem to b always there!! annoyingly so!
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    1. I hardly ever get a sore throat but do have the excess mucus quite often.

    2. I bruise very easily too. If my legs just touch something chances are there will be a bruise soon. My legs usually have unexplainable bruises but if I do bump into things I tend to forget too so sometimes the bruises are caused by a slightly bigger bump into things. But simply very faint pressure like slightly resting my legs against a step or something can already cause bruises.

    It's always good to have your blood tested and such but if all is 'normal' then chances are it is just a side effect of the CFS.
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    ok thnx so much for ur reply...wat sort of blood tests r u referring to?
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    Just the basic blood test to make sure there aren't any other things causing this. I'm not a docter but I'm sure your docter knows what to test for if there are reasons to test.
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    OHH THANK THE LORD I AM NOT CRAZY!!! I've tortured myself over this for about a year.
    Thank u so much, my mind is beginning to relax now.

    Now to gather the strength to cope!!!

    Blessings to everyone!
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    Nin it's fine to poor out your heart here, it's ok to be fed up with things every now and then too. Just don't let it stop you from enjoying what IS still enjoyable in your life!
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