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    Can anyone tell me how lupus and fibro differ?/ Yes I do have both. I can't tell if its the lupus or fibro acting up. Thanks! I really enjoy this site. Teri
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    I have a friend with both and it is often difficult to tell from the symptoms which is causing the flare. There is just too much overlap in symptoms to separate the two.

    The illnesses differ in that systemic Lupus is considered autoimmune, and the body's immune system can turn on itself, believing that it's own tissues are foreign and should be destroyed.

    The jury is still out on whether FMS is an immune or autoimmune illnesses. FMS is distinguished by the 18 tender points on the body which can be mapped, although this is certainly not the definitive answer to whether the patient has FMS.

    Both Lupus and FMS produce pain, fatigue, and cognitive problems. My friend treats her Lupus and that seems to also treat her FMS.

    Love, Mikie