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  1. Elbryan

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    I have been doing aquatic therpy for about a month now, my muscles are getting larger and I have less tension. I feel stronger most of the time but still go through times when I feel weak, not painful just weak. Anyone else working out and still getting weak feelings? Just wondered. Thanks for help.
  2. billiegail

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    I just posted about that in "I think exercise is killing me" I work out and stay active, but I am just sooooooooo weak and hurt all over. When I am not in horrible pain, I am just "fall over dead" weak.
    Sounds like the aquatic therapy is working though. I am thinking of starting water aerobics.
    I know I did not really answer your question, but I just wanted you to know that I was going through something simular.
    God bless
  3. Mikie

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    When I am feeling well, my muscles are strong and feel hard. When I'm sick, they are weak and feel mushy to the touch. I would not have believed this possible for someone who was a lifelong jockette.

    Love, Mikie