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    do you think that I could ask my Doctor to write down my dx as of the date that I see him . I need it for me so that I have a real written on paper dx that tells me exactly what all I have wrong. Like the fibro the discs that are buldging.
    I am going thru a nasty divorce and not wnating to whine and tell you all the details that you can't help with and only gets me in trouble. I need to know that what I think I have are real and a dx that would tell me that I have fibro, ect but in order of what is the most debilating.
    My husband has in formed me that all my " health problems are not real I am faking it as one day I can work and walk and do everything I want and the next time I see someone that I think will feel sorry for me I play the sympathy card by getting out my cane and limping when I walk and it gets worse" I need for me to know that what I have is real and I am not making it up to create sympathy for me. I have so little self esteem left anymore that I don't even know who me is? It is so hard to find when I stopped being me. I want to have proof that I have all the things that I say I have. I don't want symapthy becaause I walk funny or I am in painand I am so tired I want understanding the there is a real reason for the way I feel and how I react to it. So Do you think that it would help me to ask my doctor for? I don't want to be a pain asking dumb questions. I am trying so hard to find me . You know the me that was not always in pain, the person I was that was happy and liked to do things with my girls and I was fun, happy and didn't sleep all day and wanted to be with people and now I hurt all the time and the only time the pain in my back is eased is when I am laying down with a heating pad on it. I don't like being whiny and cranky because I am in pain and everyone around me thinks that it is all in my head . Most of all I want to like who I am again and be happy to have the three most beautiful daughters in the world who mean the world to me and I really want to be able to share in there lives. So now that that I have wandered off the topic that I started with . So thanks Rosemarie
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    When you leave the doc's office, you should get a copy of the bill which includes a diagnosis code. Ask the doc to write out the diagnoses. If you are being seen for more than one thing, he or she should write down each diagnosis code.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes, you can request that your doctor write down your chronic conditions and other health problems that you are living with. I would suggest that you call the office and make the request before your appointment, letting them know that you would like to pick it up on your appointment day. This will save time too. Some offices charge a fee for this service. My doctor charges $10 or $15 dollars for a form fee or letter type request. They do an amazing amount of paper work. I have worked in the field.

    I can hear that you really need validation. I would guess that many of us feel a need for this at times. I am so sorry you are going through so much these days. I am fortunate to have a mate that understands my needs better than I do. I do not take this for granted. I know that many significant others have an attitude much like your husbands.

    Hang in there and request what you need...Jan
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    Do you have a friend that has a background in medical or secretarial? Can they help you compile a rough draft of a letter? I have found that if you do a letter yourself for the Drs office and leave it for them, they can take it and use it as a good reference to give you what you need. For instance, "Rosemarie presented with symptoms of fatigue and difficulty concentrating. She has had problems working due to inconsistensies in her energy levels. Some days she is unable to do even minimal tasks, etc...." Write down what your symptoms are and have a friend help you write the rough draft until you are comfortable with what it says, then ask the Dr if he agrees with your assessment. He may use part of it or all of it. Drs offices have no time to adequetely compile what you need, you do. Help them get started. They will appreciate it. I have more time in my practice to do this for our TMJ patients because we are very elite. I do the best I can for our patients because I understand their pain level and their need for help due to my own.
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    the need for validation. Even though I have been blessed with a kind and loving family my self-esteem was given such a blow that I continually sought reassurance that I was "really sick".

    Finally my doctor said, "I am going to tattoo, 'You are sick' on your forehead so that YOU will see it every time you look in the mirror."

    I suggest that you ask your doctor to write your diagnosis and main complaints (hate that term) on a leaf from a prescription pad or a paper with his name on it so that it can serve as proof for you and anyone who doubts you.

    My doctor, bless his dear, retired heart, would explain things to me and even draw diagrams for me on Rx papers.

    He never used to but one day I asked, "Why am I taking this and what is this for." when he explained I asked why he didn't tell me before and he answered, "Because most people don't want to know."

    Let your doctor know that you want to know 'what' and 'why' and if he is the right doctor for you he will write things down as he explains them to you. Ask for copies of your test results to be sent to you, I have never been charged for anything except a copy of my complete, and very extensive, file.

    I really believe that most doctors are happy to work with you if you ask them to.


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    I'm sure your doctor's office will be happy to comply. Give them advanced notice so they will have time to fit it into their busy schedule. You can offer to assist with examples of what limitations your disability poses for you. Best wishes to you.