Questions about Curves for Woman

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by namow, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. namow

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    Some friends have advice me to go there to exercise. I haven't done any exercise in many years and I'm afraid it would be too much, any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  2. tessatessa

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    Hi, I went to Curves for a while. In answer to your question the Curves program can be done at each individuals own pace so pretty much anyone can do it. At my club (and I think they're all similar) there are a bunch of different machines and each person does the same circuit (each machine in a certain order) in 3 - 10 minute circuits. So you don't stay on any one machine for long till you're dying or anything and your complete workout including cool down is about 40 minutes. When you're on each machine you can work as hard/easy or fast/slow as you can handle. So it's good that way. On the other hand and this is just my opinion of course, it's very repetitive. A person's body tends to adapt to the same activity over time so you won't be getting the maximum benefit from the exercise you're going if you always do the exact same thing. It's better to "trick" your body by alternating different activities and doing different activities for different time periods on different days. I started out going to Curves when I was in really bad shape physically and weight wise and then when I felt like I could handle it I went to a more traditional gym where I can do the routine I want to do and therefore vary it as much as I want. Hope I've explained this. All of this is just my own opinion and experience. By the way, I've lost 114 lbs. over the past year, most of that through diet but the exercise has helped a lot too. tessa
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    I go to curves & love it! I have more energy and am more flexable. I lost 12 in. in 2 months. I haven't been able to go this month because I had carpel tunnel surgery, but I miss it! I have had alot more pain this month. On days I don't feel too great I take it easier/slower.