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    I filed for disibility about two months ago..I live in Ohio..The woman at the SS office told me to file for ssi also because the ssd takes 6 months or more..Does any one receive both? And ten years ago I applied for SSI and was turned down but didnt appeal it..I worked for 10 more years and now have enough credits for SSD..My question is: If I'm approved for SSI would I get back payments back to 10 years ago??..Thanks............Deb
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    answers to your questions but there is a 'tab' at the top of the screen that says 'disability'. You can ask questions there and get advice.

    Good luck, Lonewolf
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    Hi Deb,

    I think you get back benefits from the date which you applied for disability which can take longer than six months, and you may be denied but appeal within the specified time limit in the denial letter and keep the ball rolling. You may get one denial, you may get more. Hope you have a SSDI attny. They don't get paid, until they win your case. Once you are approved by an ALJ (Admnistrative Law Judge) at a hearing, you will receive notice of his approval, and an "Award Letter" shortly thereafter, which states the amount of back benefits and amount of monthly award.

    You can ask for a "statement of your earnings" from SS now and in that, it will indicate the amount of your monthly benefit if on disability. That will give you an idea of what that will be. It increases with each year, cost of living, up to a certain year in time, from the date you applied I believe.

    I know absolutely nothing about SSI, other than I thought that was only applicable to those with children.

    Take care,
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    Hey thanks ...You all answered my questions...
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