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  1. SpiderB

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    HI Everyone, i'm a newbie here. Number of years ago, my mom bought me a firm Serta bed and it's a little TOO firm. Then she bought a giant sheet of "egg carton shaped" rubber foam. That seems better, but that falls apart after a year. I see that there's what's called Ewe Cuddle Quilts but kinda pricey. Anyone here have or use one of those Ewe quilts? I sure could use some feedback.

    Years ago, i went to many doctors and was diagnosed with osterperosis (did i spell it right?) 2 out of place invertebrates on the left side of my neck a host of other problems and FIBROMYALGIA! I always thought fibromyalgia was a "womans" disease and i'm afraid to tell people that know me cause they may laff at me. YEs,it's very embarassing to me, but i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other problems like Eczema which i find very hard to control and need dire help. DOctors can't figure out if it's really Eczema or not... It's been driving me nuts since 1996 and never did let up...i toss and turn at night and have a girlfriend who doesn't want to seem to understand.. dunno about her.. any suggestions, replies, comments are welcome. Any one used those quilts i asked about here??? thanks. SpiderB (Robt)
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    Glad to have you join us, but am so sorry you are ill.

    Nothing to be ashame of with FM, we do have many members here that are 'male', but I can understand how you feel. We do out number you as for this illness.

    Yes, I do have the Cuddle Ewe quilt, its wonderful. I also have an extra firm mattress, with the Cuddle Ewe on top of it for softness and confort. It works like a buffer between the extra firm mattress for support, and the soft confort our hurting bodies need too.

    As my husband would say; 'its a 'shock absorber' for the necessary firm mattress for bad backs.

    This is just a thought, but since you said you toss and turn a lot during the night, is it possible that your sheets are causing you to have a rash? is it on the body?

    I had my elbows, hips,legs and face raw from tossing and turning. What I found out it was my 'sheets', causing most of it.

    I bought 300 thread count sheets and pillow cases, and now I do not get this sort of 'brush burns' on my body anymore.

    Sheets that have polyester in them cause these rashes/burns, but an all cotton very soft 300tc.(or highter) is so soft that its like sleeping on pure silk.

    Also, a supplement called; ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) is wonderful for that nightly restlessness, and the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).

    By the way, ZMA was designed for Weight Lifters, a mans thing, but we found out that it works for the ladies too.

    You can go to the 'Store' link at the top of this page, print ZMA in the search feature there, and read about it. You might be interested in trying it. It has made my life a good 90% better with the FM.

    Again, welcome to the board, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Lots of very informative people on this board more than willing to help you if they can.....

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I bought the cuddle ewe and I did like it but it was expensive and I thought it wasn't quite enough support. So I bought the memory foam topper and I love it. [url removed] It provides total support and I find it lessens some of the morning aches. I would try it first just due to the cost. Good luck!

  4. louiesgirl2

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    Sam's sells the memory foam mattress toppers and pillows as well. I got a king size one for $125.00 including tax.
  5. Manwithfibro

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    It is very comfortable. Although, nothing makes you wake up completely limber and pain free. I definitely wake up in more pain without it, however.
  6. lvjesus

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    and I love it. I got it when I was first dx and I would hate to think how I would feel now without it. When I go away and sleep elsewhere I suffer after more than one night, sometimes after just one night depending on the mattress.

    I got mine at Linens and Things and it is by Sleep Innovations. It was $179 for a queen size, but that was a year ago or more.

    Last I looked, Sam's had them for a good price and had them as well.

  7. razorqueen

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    it was cheaper than I really like it!

  8. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I'm actually running into research lately that makes me think Gout, which is considered more of a man's disorder, is really the male version of FM. A little study I did on gout, because I think I get a touch of it in my toe, made me realize you virtually can't tell the symtoms appart soemtimes. It will take awhile for medicine to catch up w/ that though. Rest assured you don't have a "woman's disease", it just presents a bit different in men and I think it's mislabeled as 2 dx's.

    Here's what I often do when it comes to telling people what I have, I tell them it's a chronic pain disease, and a form of rheumatism. all true of course, w/out the raised eyebrows, "fibrowhat?" or skepticism.

    If you are sensitive, your rashes could be from your laundry soap or fabric softener. this happened to me when i developed the fab. soft. allergy out of the blue at 18, I kept thinking it was scabies and treating w/ Kwellada (insecticide) and rewashing everything w/ extra Bounce the way I liked back then (I'm 38 now and MCS). My Mom figured it out.

    You are sensitive, so memory foam probably is a bad idea, it's all synthetic and I'm sure terribly toxic. CuddleEwe is expensive, but it's natural wool, covered in cotton. Anything needs lots of airing and wash for me, and you can't wash the wool part of CuddleEwe, plus the shipping to Cda would kill me for something that heavy (love the supplements from the store though). there have been many threads w/ this question, and many rave about the cuddleEwe.

    I'm going for a featherbed topper, feathers and cotton, w/ zippered cover I can wash. Sears has one in catalogue on sale till Nov. I know foams are cheap, but are pure polyurethane, ack.

  9. SpiderB

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    Thanks all of you at the forum here for giving me info about FM and what to sleep on at night.. I learn a lot from you guys (?) and gals.

    When I go for a neck, shoulder massage at a massage clinic I go to, I tell the masseuse's (did i spell it right?) that my right hand starts to tingle and kinda gets numb. Sometimes my elbow and the top "rounded" area of my shoulder tingles a wee bit. I was told that there's another guy who has a similar problem that I have. Next time i bump into the guy, i'm gonna ask him what his problem is and wonder if he has the "exact same thing" i have or not. SpiderB (Robt)
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    spider I noticed that at least twice you asked if you spelled something right. Please don't worry about stuff like that. I can tell that you are a smart guy. We are all glad you here, and don't care how you spell.

    My husband has eczema. He uses a product called Elidel. It works really well for him. You will want to buy products that don't have any perfumes in them. Unsented laundry soap, lotion, soap (my hubby uses dove for sensitive skin). You could try taking a bath in epsom salt. That not only relaxes the muscles but it helps with the eczema.

  11. SpiderB

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    I never thought about that, using Epsom salt for Eczema !?!
    I'll try that out and see what happens. My main doctor told me to use Dove soap. Seems to lessens the problems somewhat, but i still have that rash, if it is Eczema. I'll have days that when i itch, i scratch like heck and the next day or so, a red rash appears. The stuff doctors tell me to rub in the skin, i accidentially touch the area and accidentially get the stuff into my EYES and it will burn my eyes... can't use that either..

  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    My favourite rash product from way back, is Gold Bond Medicated powder. They have cream too, but I don't think it's better.

    My other favourite skin healer is Aloe vera, wonderful, versatile stuff. I drink the juice for IBD too.

    Both are very quick, you'll likely see a visible difference in half a day, w/ aloe it's sometimes just a few hours. I have no idea what is causing your rash, but good chance one will help.

    do you take any kind of EFA, I used to get some sort of eczema on my hands, esp. in winter. One winter I had it bad enough it cracked nad bled a bit. I've been taking Salmon oil for years, 2-4 grams, don't get it anymore.

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