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    I am new to the board and would like to ask a question. I have had lower back pain for the last 15 years and have taken tramadol for most of that time. For the last several months I ahve been having a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck, sometimes it is so bad I dont want to move. My doctor thinks that I have Fibromyalgia. I also have pain in my knee and arms sometimes but nothing like my neck is now. He put me on Cymbalta and that is not working. I asked that we do an MRI to make sure I dont have a pinched nerve or something but he says insurance wont approve it unless I do Pyhsical therpay first????? Does this sound right to you guys. He is now taking me of the cymbalta and putting me on Lyrica.
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    I put this in the wrong spot I meant to reply to my other message and instead posted new topic. Sorry for the error.
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    Sounds like what I went through. The aim was to postpone surgery as long as humanly possible. Spinal surgery is last ditch effort when all else has failed to help.

    You can certainly have FM AND spinal disease at the same time. My understanding is the FM could/would make the pain more intense for the patient -- while not being the reason or source of the pain itself.

    MRIs don't reveal everything. And some specialists are better at reading them others are. Like in most things.

    You can certainly contact your insurance company and ask, and if they give you a differing answer from the doctor in question, then you are within your rights to ask for a referral to another doctor for a consultation and other issues.

    Otherwise it is, generally speaking, normal procedure to do meds, then PT and meds, and then scans other than x-rays.

    But if you're losing bodily functions in addition to having new or worsening pain, then it is critical to find answers more sooner than later. Nerve damage is permanent in most cases.

    Good luck and Good health!

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