Questions about Gastric Bypass and kidney stones

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lil_angel1198, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    My doctor thinks I have kidney stones...I'm in a lot of pain in my back and side. He gave me stronger pain meds for it, and i go for sonogram for it Friday....anyone had to deal with these before?

    Also, he suggested I might try gastric bypass surgery to help me lose weight. I am doing research on it first, anyone know anything about it?
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I don't know about this, but maybe someone will catch it and have some info for you if I bounce it back up.

    Hope you get some answers.

  3. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    if you put gastric bypass or kidney stones in the search box at the top of the page and then click on the drop down box to the right and select "title and contene" it will give you a list of posts other people have made on the subjects.
  4. Cinlou

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    I can tell you that kidney stones feel worse than having a baby! At least it did to me.....I have had them many times and thank goodness I was able to pass fun at all. I wish you seems once you have them you may have them my case yes.

    I do not know about bypass surgery....I do know of a lady that had a thing like a rubberband surgically placed in her stomach. Her husband is a doctor, I have not seen her in a while nor him either. So can not let you know if it worked.

    Good luck (((hugs))
  5. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I am considering gastric bypass also. I am over 50 and have been heavy for years and it is taking a toll on my joints. The sleep clinc DR dropped a "sublte hint" about weight and apnea issues ...

    try for more info. Good luck.
  6. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I had the Lap Band done in March of 2006. My father, 2 of his brothers and one of his sisters all had the open bypass.

    I have heard of kidney stones being a problem with some bypass patients...probably because all bariatric patients must meet our daily non-caloric, non-caffinated fluids.

    I wouldnt mind telling you anymore about the bypass or the lapband if you wanted...but i just didnt want to start babbling for nothing if you only wanted to know about the kidney stones!

    So if you do want to know about the surgery itself, feel free to ask me.

    take care.
  7. Chinlover

    Chinlover New Member

    One of the best things I ever did in my life is have laproscopic Gastric Bypass. I researched it for a year before I did it. I had to make sure it was right for me. Plus insurance usually has alot of requirements that you complete prior to surgery. So it takes a while to get things all together. I will share as much as you want to know about it, but I strongly suggest you look at a fabulous website called I did alot of my research and got encouragement from that sight. Read people's profiles, ask questions and see if it is right for you. It made me very happy. I look fabulous and my health concerns going into it have been greatly reduced. This was one life saving operation both physically and mentally. Chinlover
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I've had five episodes of kidney stones in my life, and each time they affected me differently! They are EXTREMELY painful!! Like someone said, when they are moving around and causing pain, the pain is WORSE than labor pains when you are having a baby--or at least labor pains is the closest thing you can compare the pain to!!

    Your sonogram will/may detect if you have kidney stones. I wonder why your doc didn't order an IVP dye Xray?

    Gall stones also cause a lot of pain, but that pain is more on your side and sometimes will mimic a heart attack. Kidney stone pain was, for me, always in my side, sometimes my stomach, and always in my low back. When they would start moving, the pain would be so extreme that it would cause vomiting. When the stone movement subsided, the vomiting would quit.

    I passed some of the stones by drinking HUGE volumes of water and I had to have some surgically removed.

    The longer the stones are in there moving around, the more chances for infection to set up. In fact some stones, the Struvite (? sp.) stone, is caused by infection.

    I think to have a gastric bypass, you have to be 100 lbs. overweight. I have heard about the website that others have listed--that it is a helpful one.

    Be drinking tons of water to get rid of that stone!!!

  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Before I would consider gastric bypass, I would see a nutritionist. My doctor sent me to one and I saw her every week for 1 hour.

    It really helped me become aware of portion control and I lost weight naturally. I could eat anything, just had to watch portions.

    Gastric bypass is no cakewalk. I would read all the articles on complications and what is involved after the surgery.

  10. gasolo

    gasolo New Member

    I treat many post gastric bypass patients. The positive affect on their lives is impressive. The decision to pursue a surgical solution for weight management is a serious decision. There are serious potential complication but appear acceptable when considering the alternative of living morbidly obese. Losing weight with the help of a nutritionist is always the preferred route. Unfortunately the vast majority of patients who are considered morbidly obese fail all conservative measure to maintain long term weight loss.

    If you decided on a surgical solution I suggest going to a center of excellence. Meaning that the facility has a integrated program with a nutritionist, endocrinologist, cardiologist and a surgeon who has performed many gastric bypass procedures. It has been shown that centers who perform a large number of these procedure have fewer complications.

    Good luck with your decision,
  11. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    I haven't found out anything about the kidney stones yet, I had the sonogram today.

    As for the gastric bypass, I do want to know more about it. I am very nervous about any kind of surgery and I really want all the information I can get on it. The doctor that was suggested for me is highly reputable and soley does these kinds of surgeries.
    Any information would be appreciated.
  12. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

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