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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ritatheresa, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. ritatheresa

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    I got the results of my hormone tests and alot of them where out of whack, if anybody knows much about this I would really appreciate your input.

    I'm gonna just write out the one's that were out of range

    Testosterone total 53 (normal 250-1100 mg/dl)
    Testosterone free 4 (normal 46-224 pg/ml)
    Testosterone bioavailable 8 (normal 110-578 mg/dl)
    SHBG 57 (normal 7-50)
    Progesterone 411 (normal 42-196)

    Urea nitrogen 2 (normal 7-25)
    BUN/Creatinine ratio 2.9 (normal 6-25)
    Bilirubin total 0.18 (normal 0.20-1.50)

    Estriadol 60 (normal <52)

    Carnitine total 18 (normal 42-81)
    Carnitine free 15 (normal 35-67)
    Carnitine esters 3 (normal 3.8-19) (This is what my doc was concerned most about)

    I only spoke to my Endocrinologist over the phone and he wanted me to get Lcarnitine supplementation until my follow up visit.

    I know this is alot but maybe some of you have also experienced this. Thank you for your help, Ritatheresa
  2. spiritsky

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    Looks to me your testosterone and SHBG are your biggest issues. I'm assuming here that your a fairly young women who isn't going through menopause so I wouldn't worry too much about your Estrogen and Progesterone levels. Those will fluctuate with your monthly cycle.

    But the testosterone is very very low and the SHBG is just making things worse by blocking your testosterone. I would at least start on 25mg DHEA daily (this is about the max dose for a women) as this will help increase your testosterone levels but with your test so low you should try and get a prescription gel. Women's doses for test are usually between 2 and 10mg daily (as a cream)...Because you are so low, I would start with 5mg and get retested in 2 or 3 months.

    If you're endocrinologist doesn't want to prescribe (and they often don't) I would work with one of the longevity clinics in Florida. They DON"T charge for their doctor's advise (only charge for the meds) and they are quite good and also knowlegeable about CFS/FMS issues. I work with the to get my growth hormone but also work with and FFC doctors for my CFS issues.

    Good luck!
  3. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    I appreciate your input.

    I'm only 34, I don't think I'm going through menopause.

    I will look into the info you gave me, thanks again!!!

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