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    I recently dx with FMS. I told my neutrology dr that I'm having problem with my joints. Sometimes they can be painful or dull aches. They can be really stiffs or feel like they were swollen. Some day they are okay but they hurts more when I'm using them more. Well, Since I'm deaf, ASL is only way I can communicate with.. For you people who dont konw what ASL is, its America Sign Language. Basically, I have to uses my hands to sign. Sometimes Its achy when I used it. Couple days ago, my joints was little bruises on my fingers, and my knuckles.. However they are not hurt, but they were swollen, feel like stiff at that very same day. Is that sign for RA? I'm still new at this... I really need to find RA dr to talk about the treatments for my FMS. The problem is that the doctors haven't test me with blood works since a year or two. I prop should request them to run blood works to make sure its fine. For you who have RA, what was it like? What was the signs if you do have it? Thanks!
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    I think you hit a solution on the head...get another blood test. If it's been a year and these symptoms are new, it's time to take another look.

    What has your doctor done for or given you for FM? Do you have an appointment soon or do you need to call and get in?

    Guess it's time for action. I do hope your questions are answered and you feel better also. Our ability to communicate is so important in living life, especailly when talking with a health care provider.

    Take care and let us know what happens.

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    Hi angel,
    I have similar problems to you, if I write a lot or use the keyboard too much my hands cramp up.

    They can swell too, sometimes the one I use the most feels quite swollen. My fingers swell frequently and all my joints hurt, even the very top finger joints will ache like mad.

    I cannot carry much as again they hurt,sometimes shooting pains,sometimes cramp and will ache for hours afterwards.

    My rheumy assured me it is not RA though I honestly thought it had to be as the symptoms are similar, he felt all my hand joints and assured me I was fine.(ha! thats an understatement if ever I heard one!)

    Ask to be certain but I think its probably just FMS acting up.

    Treatments, I was only given choice of pain meds or NSAIDs I took the NSAIDS but try not to take them as they can cause other problems.

    My heart goes out to you as you truly need your hands to communicate, my body seems to be falling apart but thankfully I still have the 'gift of the gab'(meaning I can talk a lot!)

    Hopefully your rheumy can find a treatment that will help :)

    Take care, gentle hugs


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    Hi again,

    Yes, I have to find RA dr, there is only one RA dr around here. I have to find out if he is cover the medicard. I'm such talker. I thought about request to get blood work to make sure everything is fine. Other dr want to prescribed me with Elival, but... I want to try other options since my symptoms are mild (well, it sure not feel like it but compare to what i read from everyone, it sound like mine was mild). And using anti depressant medications as last rescort. Well, I'm looking at positive... I know I will be fine, I just have some bad days. Thanks for listen and response me back. I apprecatied it very much.