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    i have been having alot of joint pain, tiredness, skin blotching mostly the face, photosensitivity, proteinuria, and blood in my urine, all of this for no apparent reason. so can anyone explain to me what my bloodwork may mean. I was Dx about 10 years ago with discoid lupus took some medicine but i stopped cause they made me feel bad and at most times weren't helping. So i saw another doctor who just recently did more bloodwork. she did a scleroderma diagnostic profile which was positive A for antinuclear antibodies direct. she did a SLE profile C which was >8.0 for RNP antibodies and a Systemic Lupus Profile B which was also positive A for Antinuclear Antibodies Direct. I had a protein, total urine of 67.7 which range is 0.0-15.0 and a protein/creatinine ratio of 349 which range is 0-200. my microalbumin was 295.6 which range is 0.0-17.0 and a microalbumin/cratinine ratio of 136.2 which range is 0.0-30.0. Can anyone tell me what all of this mean before i see the doctor so that i can ask the appropriate questions.
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    You might try this web site

    It looks like you may have mixed connective tissue disease . (a combination of autoimmune diseases) Your protein levels are high . Are you having a lot of muscle weakness?
    Look up M.C.T.D.

    Try not to worry if you blood work was really bad the doctor would have asked you to come in immediately for a consult. If it is a combination of AI (auto immune) diseases your in good company . =) And most of the treatments for AI diseases are pretty much the same except if you have M.S.

    But I'm a just guessing about the MCTD .

    here is another site that may help you understand more.

    again try not to worry about the unknown . These test often look far worse than what the actually are. Let us now how your doctors appointment goes.

    Also there is a Lupus board here that you could post on . They may have more info there.

    take care ,

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    I'm sorry that I can't help you, but there is a Lupus board here where others may be of some help to you. All of the available message boards are on the top right side of the page.
    I'd definitely post your questions there.

    Good Luck!