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  1. caperkat

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    I wonder what has worked for others in terms of Skelaxin, Tizanidine (also a muscle relaxer), and also tylenol vs ibuprofen such as Motrin or Advil. Any of these I would be combining with tramadol. Any help is very much appreciated. I need relief.

  2. ellikers

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    Mortin and Advil are anti-inflammatories, not muscle relaxers. Tylenol is a pain and fever reliever, not an anti-antiflammatory ....

    For any drug interactions, you need to check with a doctor or other medical professional.

    Xanax is a really good muscle relaxer, although it is rather addictive. I've had really good experience with it using it for muscle spasms, panic attacks and much more.

    -- Ellikers
  3. caperkat

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    i also take 30 mg cymbalta, Abilify & Lamictal (for depression & mood swings). I haven't had any relief with the Motrin & tramadol, so I think I'm going to switch back to tylenol with the tyramadol, so at least I can supplement all that with anything additional, that would normally wouldn't be taken with Motrin/ibuprofen.

  4. srh

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    I tried Skelaxin and flexeril both and the only thing that helps me is xanaphlex. I take 8 mgs at nite, ativan, a calcium and my husband insists on 2 ibuprofen or aleve although I don't think aleve works at all.

    I only have darvocet for pain, and I combine either aspirin, excedrin, or tylenol with it when i take it. I know everyone that it will get my innards.

    Maybe that way I can be upstairs! looking down on all of you painfree. Just Kidding.
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    Caperkat: How are you doing now?