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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momof471, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. momof471

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    My hearing is still probably another yar off, but I want to be ready. I see so many of you having a hard time at the last minute, I'm sure I will to, but I don't want to be digging way back when that time comes. When I originally filed, it was originally for my work injury I did not include lots of things, Like having praces at 13 and the doctor said they needed to break my jaw, at the time it was cosmetic, but he said in the future I would have problems with headaches, jaw pain, etc. My dad did not get me the surgery and of course the headaches kicked in and a clicking jaw, this I assume was an early diagnosis of TMJ although they did not call it that at the time. I spoke on a couple of ocassions with doctor's about fatigue and got lauged at, diagnosed with irritable bowel about 11 years ago, 12 years ago clinical depression, which got better, but the shrink at the time said it would come back during major 'life changes'. Do I need to go back and document this as maybe signs of Fibromyalgia coming on? Then the injury set it off? Does this make sense? Am I on the right track, I have a supportive Rheumatologist, I'm not crazy about my psychologist and I may have to change that, I feel like mentally this is really bogging me down right now. I'm starting journaling daily, pain journal as well as the prayer journal I already keep. I don't like documenting what happens to me daily physically and mentally, but then I have the prayer journal to lift me up and give me hope. Sorry if I'm rambling, I feel like I have to put this in some kind of order and sometimes lawyer's can't be depended on to piece it all together. Sometimes we have to do it for them. Any feedback appreciated.

    God Bless
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    I doubt you need to go back that far. What SSA wants is the REASON your health issues prevent you from working. From your bio I'd guess you'd need to go back to your injury date.

    It's hard to get medical records dating back over 7 years if you have not been seen by that doc all along. I went looking for some of mine from an Endocrinologist that had left the area. I stopped seeing him in 1999. Just 7 years ago. His partner was still in a local practice. Come to find out my records had been sent to a holding warehouse to be shredded. Luckly they we able to locate them before they got tossed into the shredder. I was told if you stop seeing the doc they only, by law, have to hold your records for 7 years & then they are destroyed.

    You will need documentation of your work accident & all that intails, health issues, list your tests, treatments, meds & appointments. SSA wants to see that you have been seen & continue to see docs for on going health issues.

    List all of your limitations & make sure your doc has them documented as well.

    As far as being chemical sensative to many meds....say you can't take muscle relaxer for knotted muscles, that also cause you severe spasms & pain, due to side effects. This should be documented by your doctors. Any meds you tried & can't take or don't help also need to be documented. Any physical therapy you had, the outcome, etc.

    What SSA wants is for you to prove why you can't work. They don't CARE how many health issues you have or anything else other than why it all interfers or prevents you from working the simpilist of jobs.

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    I think I would ask my attorney that question. If he knows who you will be in front of and has been through this process in that particular town, then he would best know what they want to hear and see. It sounds like you are documenting everyone you see or speak to as well as everything you try(ie meds, doctors, tests, and things you can no longer do as well as the type of pain you have)and I think that will all come in handy. Just trust your attorney's opinion if he is a good one well experienced in this field.
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    I have injury from the injury on. My endocrinologist at one time was my pcp(until insurance wouldn't let me use him for that anymore) I still see him for thyroid, but I'm sure he still has my records where he treated me for the headaches and IBS. Orthodontic records would probably be a little harder, but the jaw stuff should easily be documented. My attorney says everything is relevant, I emailed him yesterday after I posted here. Especially in a fibro case. I want to provide a tril that I was getting it, managed to keep working and so forth , then after the injury that was that. My psychologist now asks me how I did it all with four kids, I have no answer except that I just did it. Its amazing how quick things fall apart.

    Thanks for the input, I just like clarification that I'm on the right track.

    God Bless
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    All you will need is from the first date that you were no longer able to work.Your last position .

    All they want is what is keeping out of work and making you disabled.They will not pay you from the time it all first started cause you worked after that.

    They only looked at what was causing me not to work and what was keeping me out of work.She went back to October 28th 2003 the first day I had to leave work due to FM.

    I got affidavits from friends that had seen me go down hill and my employer who explained how many times I tried going back.Also stated that it was not my character to miss work .I had not missed one day in 8 yrs.My employer also stated that all of my evaluations were outstanding and attendance 100%.

    If you get letters have them notarized helps a lot.As far as journals go the ALJ never even looked at them.(mine)

    Good Luck to you.
    Sue >>>>>>>>>>>>> PS: your attorney will send final ssdi questioners to all your doctors that are treating you now.

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