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  1. loto

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    So, my doctor's office called and they're writing me a script for Wellbutrin. My doctor thinks it's ok for me to take it and Cymbalta. But, I told the nurse I want to cut my Cymbalta dosage down, because I've been taking 120 mg of it for quite a while now, so, I'm starting out cutting down to 90 mg per day of it for now.
    I think they're starting me on 150 mg of Wellbutrin for a week, and then going up on the second week. Or maybe I'll be going up to 150mg the second week, now I can't remember.

    Anyway, I'd like to hear from others that take Wellbutrin and how it's helped them.

    Thanks, in advance.

  2. zena01

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    Hi. I couldn't take "regular" antidepressants because I couldn't wake up in the morning, or they made me nuts....but Wellbutrin is different.
    I actually started taking it to quit smoking (it's sold under a different name to help people quit smoking) that was my doctors way to get me on it........

    Anyway, I took it for 7ears off and on, more on than off.....every time I'd stop it, I'd start having problems again. And when I got diag with lyme and started all the other meds stopped it for a year or so but now am back on it and feeling better.

    I loved the fact it didn't make me weird, didn't change anything, just let me kind of back off and see things the way they really are rather than being all upset and worried.

    It did bother my sleeping -- but when they came out with the timed release where I could take only one and take it in the morning all was good. I have to take stuff to sleep anyway.

    It also helps a bit with pain. I noticed an increase in pain when I stop taking it. I told my regular doctor that one day and he said yes, that makes sense and explained why but I can't remember.

    Anyway, it does make your mouth taste funny the first week but that goes away. It makes some people lose weight but I was not that lucky darn it!!

    Take care -- hope it works for you!
  3. Andrew111

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    I've been taking Wellbutrin on and off for several years for depression. The reason I was off it at times times was not because I didn't like it. I kept wanting to see if I could deal with my depression without meds. After I got CFS I started taking it again because dealing with CFS and depression was too much. As usual, the Wellbutrin helped with my depression. But it had zero effect on my CFS.

    Wellbutrin is the best anti-depressant I've tried. It removes a substantial amount of my depression without making me feel drugged. OTOH, I did develop tinnitus at one point. I don't remember if I was on or off Wellbutrin at the time. But this is a possible side effect. And when I spoke with my doctor about it he asked if I would rather not take Wellbutrin. I said I want to keep taking it. The depression (in my case) is far worse than the tinnitus.

    I've spoken with people who hate Wellbutrin. They said it hypes them up. Also, I found that if I find something that works it's better to just keep taking it. Or, at least in my case it is. I don't have situational depression. I have regular ol' depression.

    BTW, it's a good thing you are ramping up in steps. Even when I've been off it awhile, I start again slowly. Also, I have not seen anything anywhere about Wellbutrin helping with CFS or Fibro. It's not an SSRI.
  4. Andrew111

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    Before replying, I carefully read the first message. The context was not specified. Too often doctors think that we are simply suffering from depression, and make their choices accordingly. Other times they use it for energy and/or pain. That's why I made sure when I offered my feedback that I covered what it did and did not do for me.

    FWIW, there is nothing wrong with providing specific replies to general questions.

  5. bobbycat

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    I am taking it after trying most of the others I am taking the generic. It is the only one so far that I have taken that give me energy and yes I have taken Cymbalta. According to my DR there are two with Wellbutrin being one of them that will help with energy. The others were making me too tired. With me it decreased my appetite so if you do do not need to loose weight you may have to consider this however, wellbutrin may affect you different as it does me. Good luck
  6. loto

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    i took a "vacation" from my computer since last Wednesday, and just now read all of these.

    My prescription is Bupropion SR. I am taking 150 mg (1 tablet) for 7 days, and then I am supposed to take 300 mg (2tablets) after that, which will be this Wednesday.

    SO far I am having trouble with my sleep! And I don't like that at all. So, today I'm going to take the tablet earlier in the day and see if that makes a difference. I still take Cymbalta, however I am in the process of lowering my dosage on that, as well. I've been taking 120mg of it for quite a while now, and I know I shouldn't be. So, I'm weaning down to take 60 mg of that each nite. The Cymbalta would usually put me to sleep an hour after I took it, and now I lie there and lie there having a hard time getting to sleep, and then I wake up several times through the nite. Tonite I'm going to take a muscle relaxer also---too many nites of not enough sleep is catching up with me.

    Thanks for all of your replies--oh, by the way, i think it is making me less hungry a little, but i could afford to lose a few pounds.

  7. kokabean

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    I was given that years ago and it put me in a massive depression and I cried all the time. I had to go off of it. It effects everyone different but just please keep a close watch on your moods.
  8. hensue

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    I take a pill in the morning and never a pill pass 2pm. Have to take something for sleeping if I do not take Wellbutrin sr not generic the real thing. I hurt all over severely, if it had not been for Wellbutrin I would have jumped in a river from the pain. I have been on it for over 10 years.
    If I miss my 2pm pill I will hurt that night.

    Just my take I had been taking tramadol or ultram as I have gotten a lot older for break through pain.
    Now I get a bad headache if I take the two.
    Went to the doc today and he wants me to try Savella with the Wellbutrin Sr.

    Do not know if I will do that yet.
    Wellbutrin saved my life. It can make you nervous or edgy my doc gives me a small amout of valuim to help.

    The hard part is getting on Wellbutrin I can remember some of the worst headaches of my life.
    I also remember it gave me energy I could not move I was hurting so bad.
    It was tough to get through the side effects.
    Well worth it
  9. loto

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    That's the exact type of wellbutrin and exact same dosage i am taking now.

    So far it is helping me a lot. I've only started taking that dosage this week and did develop a headache yesterday--so far it's not too bad, mostly I feel a lot of tension and tightness in my neck. Like I said though, it's not too bad, and I hope it doesn't get worse.

    Taking the Wellbutrin has also helped me wean down to only 60 mg per day Cymbalta, as before I was taking 120mg of it for quite a while..(not good for me!)

    Anyway, I'm liking my current "LIST" of meds at this time-helping with pain, energy, and moods.

    As for your doctor wanting you to try Savella--I tried it right before Christmas and had to stop it after I tried for 4 days of taking it. The side effects for me were so weird and awful!!!! I could actually HEAR my eyeballs and eyelashes move! And, I was so dizzy all the time, not to mention could go to sleep at the drop of a hat. That was my experience with it. If you try it, just be prepared for side effects!
  10. hensue

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    Especially in the back of the neck and the lack of sleep is bad. If you can suffer through these side effects it took a couple of months. It was so worth it!!

    I am trying to find someone who might be taking the combo of savella and wellbutrin sr.
    not the generic it does not work.

    Take care and hang in there it gets worse before it gets better but it is so worth it.
  11. loto

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    I couldn't take the terrible tension and headache from it, so I cut back to 1 and a half tablets per day, and it did the trick!
    That dosage still helps me, and, it doesn't give me the headaches and terrible neck and shoulder tension.