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    I am a 69 yr. old male who was diagnosed with PD about a week ago by a neurologist. My gp and I suspected PD some weeks ago and I have been suspicioning it before that. I was started on Azilect at .5mg and will move up to 1.0 mg in two wks. I have had some trembling my left hand and leg starting 10 mo. ago. I suspect symptoms had been going on long before that but I didn't recognize them..eyes, swallowing, voice and back pain muscles. At rest right now I have no tremor in either hand it is just when I try to do something and not always then. I undertand it is an insidious and unforgiving disease. I am in good health otherwise and the neurologist even said, "well grandpa, you had a good run." Friends and family drop their jaw when I say what I have. How can I maximize the time I have left? What questiions should I ask? Who do you trust? How fast will it go? Rigid back muscles and balance and slowing down bother me a lot already. How do keep from getting depressed (they say it goes with the disease). How about the family? Do I prepare to sell the house and make other plans soon as possible or wait awhile? If you have any insights to offer or share would appreciate. Never have been much of a chat room person but this is different. Thanks
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    I am also a 69 year old grandpa. Welcome to the board. I see you
    have already found the Parkinson's board. Hope you get some help there.

    Good luck