Questions can guusting wind cause me to ache more and have more pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 14, 2011.

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    Once again Utah's weather has changed again. OUr damp spring became hot summer and then suddenly the rain started and the wind is gusting to 30+ miles per hour and could get higher thru the night.

    Just wondering can the change of weather cause me more pain because I am wondering if my legs ached all day today, my whole body has hurt more and the pain is unbearabel for me to night. My legs ache so badly that I want to cry. I can't stand any more increase in pain levels, What can I do? ARe there any relaxation exercise's so that I can relax and get some sleep?
    I am just wondering what I can do at home to help ease my pain.Thanks for your time . My ribs have started to ache like crazy and they really ache badly. Can't they stop aching just once .I am so confused with thesudden changes in my again. ~HUGS~
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    the gusting wind is usually caused by a rapid change in the barometric pressure. Changes in barometric pressure also accompany changes in the weather. When the weathermen say anything about an approaching "weather front" they are really referring to an upcoming change in the barometric pressure.

    And I know that many of us are affected by these changes.

    I know I can tell a change is coming -- particularly if there's rain associated with it -- from 3 to 24 hours in advance. My muscles are knotted up more and I hurt more. And then as soon as the leading edge of the wind/rain arrives, it relaxes greatly. I don't know why. It happens often that I feel the relief, and then go check and see that the rain has arrived.

    I know it works differently for other people with these DDs (meaning not all of us are "relieved" by the arrival of rain) but I think most of us are affected greatly by the changes in the barometric pressure.

    But I know hoping for the weather to change doesn't really give you any comfort or relief. And I wish I knew what to suggest -- I'd sure use it myself!

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you for your posts, both were helpful. Last night was really bad because of the high wind came out of no where. I heard on the last news that teh southern part of the state had rain earlier but here we didn't have any , just alot of clouds. It seemed to me that the wind just happened instantly with out warning. May be my warning system is out of order , I know that other parts of me are out of order in many ways.

    Again Thanks

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