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    Hi all of you comrades in CSF or Fibro:

    Last time I was on this board was several days ago. A few of you had time to respond. (Thanks, Haninginthere; Nanjee; Butzie). I recently contracted (as shocking as it seems :) ) a virus or some other pathogen that made me extremely ill. I am better tonight.

    This seems to be a very large site. Is it 500,000, as I believe I read on one of your messages?

    It doesn't matter how many you are, I know you all understand. I have been "bedbound" for several days and today is the first day I felt well enough (or cared enough) to post a message to one of your empathetic hearts.

    My questions: How do you explain this illness to your friends, relatives, even doctors? My friends are,very understandably, skeptical. My son keeps advising me to get psychiatric help. I've actually had lots of that. I had it when I had medical insurance.

    Other question: How do I find out about SSDI?. Although I did not earn much before I married (1975), I did work full time for several years. I worked full-time periodically after I gave birth to my son 1976, I worked part time in both Northern California and So. California. I'm sure it was the equivalent of at least 10 years of full time work. By my count, it was more than 14 years. Isn't that enough "quarters" to qualify? Can anyone refer my to a lawyer in So CA?

    Well, maybe not, but I would like to hear from any of you. have my heartfelt empathy. I couldn't understand all of the medical terms in your bio, but I understood enough to make my hands ache even more than they already do :>)

    }}}}}Hugs to all of you}}

    Mary Ann

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    Go into the web and just type in "The Spoon Theory".
    It's a great theory that a woman with Lupus came up with that applies to just about every chronic illness. It's how I got through to my husband about my illness. Good luck!
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    Hi, Mary Ann!

    I see you are fairly new. Welcome to our board/support group. I must have missed your last post--or I was too sick to answer.

    I'm sorry to hear about you being sick with a virus. I experienced a 24-hr. bug myself recently, too. It left my rather "drained" in my ways than one!! LOL

    I don't even try to explain this illness to my family. The only friends I had were the ones at work, and when I retired in 1999, I lost touch with all of them. I have so many problems (see my bio) that I think my family has lost interest!!

    Even though your son keeps advising you to get psychiatric help, I don't think you probably need any!!! He means well, I'm sure, though. All of our pain and fatigue and other problems is NOT in our heads!! It's real, but they just can't see it or seem to understand!!!

    I am lucky that I have a doctor who does understand. I am very grateful for that.

    The best way to find out if you have enough Social Security credits to apply for SSDI is to call the Soc. Sec. Adm. They have an 800 number that you can call.

    I know that when you do apply, make sure you list every ache and pain that you have--all of your problems!!!!

    I was extremely fortunate that I received my SSDI on my first try, and I did not have a lawyer either.

    Good luck.

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  4. exhaustedchic

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    I had to click "next" for 3 pages, to find myself on the board and you. How am I supposed to do this so that you all will receive my new messages? Brain fog is here today :)

    Great and incisive advice. I have a lot of reading and educating myself to understand.

    My mom had Lupus her entire life (I took care of her most of the time) but even she was not diagnosed correctly until she was 72. She died at 81.

    Thanks for your friendship,

    Mary Ann }}}}

  5. exhaustedchic

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    Hi Janet:

    I just read your bio. Wow..I am impressed and admire your tenacity and determination. I did not uderstand all of the medical terminology. I understood enough to feel you pain.

    How lucky you are to have people in the medical profession in you family. I wish I did. I have no relative close by( I only have my son, actually) so I spend my time alone and I am socially reclusive.

    Don't believe I can endure another "snap out of it" response to my illness. If that were possible, some one on this board woud have informed us that it is just that simple.

    I wish you health and happiness. You are compassionate and kind.

    If you don't hear from me, it is because my memory and cognitive abilities are not always present...:>

    }}gentle hugs}}}}

    Mary Ann

  6. exhaustedchic

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    Hi Wendy:

    Thanks for the info. I will go to the site.

    Sometimes I can't seem to navigate the website very well. I hope you get this.


    Mary Ann
  7. exhaustedchic

    exhaustedchic New Member

    I will go the site you suggested. I will get back to you (if my memory doesn't fail too badly)

    Health and happiness to you,


    Mary Ann
  8. Rosiebud

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    if you look up the Canadian Guidelines on M.E./CFS you will find loads of valuable information.

    Medical practitioners in Canada now HAVE TO accept CFS as a 'real illness'.

    its at

    (this is an info only site - not selling anything so I believe it's allowed to post address)

    You can copy bits to take to your doctor and let your family and friends read.

    Some people can still be strange even when presented with evidence of this illness, it's happened to most of us I'm afraid.

    Hope you continue to post here.

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