Questions? dx'ed with MPS please answer do I have to have fibro

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    OK so I know now that I have MPS , but every article I go to that explains what this is also has fibro and it makes it seem that if you have one you have the other as well. Is this true?

    I have read article after article and they are linked together and come out as they are two different condidtions but it you have one you have both. So It is really confusing for me.
    I was dx with myaligia years ago and now in my medical records it tells me that I have MPS but NO fibro? But I have been told that I have it so what is going on with this?

    I ache every day morning , noon and night. To stand up my feet feel like they are walking on broken glass and I am so fatiqued all the time. I have sore spots that if I touch cause me PAIN. LIke my neck, my ribs, the outside of my elbow, the inside of my knees,the back of my head colse to the base of my skull, my back, hips, thighs, and knees and ankles. Yes there are more but I just can't remember them in the right order. I will be talking and I forget what I was saying , I lose my car in the parking lot. I can't walk more than just a few feet and standing causes me so much PAIN & STIFFNESS that moving is near impossiable.

    Right now I have a sore throat and bronchitis and am on antibotics for this condition. I am sleepy and achey and just feel like death warmed over. MY back hurts so much that I could scream, I have degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, MPS, lumbar/throasic Radiculitis, Asthma, Coccydynia, bad knees with arthritis in both knees, arthrisis in my left wrist that sends shooting pains up my arm when I use it too much.
    I feel like I am just falling apart. There is a huge mack truck sitting my my body and my chest. I have the energy of a wet noodle. And that would be pushing it.

    FOr years I have been told that I have too many headaches with no reason for them as well as pain all over my body that when tested there is no real test that will say I have this_--------. I have had MRI's and learned that i have 2 discs that are bullging L4-L5- L5-S1 and I broke my tail bone 28 years ago giving birth to my daughter. Fun RIght NOT.!!!

    I have all of these condititons and when I am trying to find out what they all most lead back to the fibro.So am I just thinging that I have it or do I. I have asked my pain doctor to check my tender points but he said that the last time we did this I was in pain for days as each one was so tender that we could not get thru it all. So what is a old lady of 50 to do?

    Since I shattered my wrist I am unable to work any more. I was a dental Assistant and sicne this accident I don't have enough use of my wrist to do this kind of job or any job that requires the use of my left hand and my fingers. Because of the back problems I can't walk , stand , lift, sit for very long periods of time. I am just falling apart.

    I lose my balance so easy and I can trip over my own shadow and have done this severel times in my life.
    AS I have filed for disablilty I have been reading my charts and records and it is strange that none of them have all of the conditions that I have on them. They all have some but not all. And I don't know why that is?

    All I know for sure is that i am not the same person I was a few years ago. And as time has passed the pain in my life and the fatique has gotten worse & worse, my knee pain is getting so bad that walking is so hard to do but because of the MPS my ortho does not want to do a knee replacement as the fahia will flare up and make things worse for me. Both phyical and pain wise. So I am stuck with the bad knees.

    MY chest hurts to breathe and this is normal for me as I have a dry hacking non procducitve cough taht I have had for more years thanI remember.

    I am not just feeling so great these days and the pains and aches have gotten so bad that they feel like they are deep into my bones and no matter how hot the bath or heating pad is ,it does not reach deep enough to reach my pain.

    I was put on narcotic years ago and now am onsome really stong ones for my nasty pain.

    I am just wondering why the fibro and the MPS are linked to gether and when you check out one you find the other and they seem to go along with each other.

    Signed, Really confused & feeling rotten:

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    According to a book I read recently (The Fibromyalgia Advocate), FMS and MPS are two different syndromes that often coexist. The majority of physicians lump them together because of lack of familiarity with the diseases.

    FMS is a neurotransmitter (chemical) condition.
    MPS is a neuromuscular (physical) condition.

    I would think that only your physician can tell you if your symptoms have a chemical or physical cause.

    Hope this helps clarify,

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