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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by coyote, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. coyote

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    Hi. I read a lot of people here who have both CFS and FMS. I am wondering how the symptoms differ, and how do you know if you have both?
  2. healing

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    has always been that with FMS you have more pain and with CFS you have more fatigue. That's obviously simplistic. And if someone had both, then how could you diagnose them separately? So I'm eager to know the diff too. Thanks for this question, coyote!
  3. tandy

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    the two conditions have all the same symptoms,but with FM you have more body aches,and with CF you can run fevers and have swollen glands.Other than that they sure seem to be the same to me.I think many of us Dx with one or the other acually do have both.
    Lets see what others may add.
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  4. teach6

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    You can look on the home page for a list of symptoms of both CFS and FM and compare for yourselves. Personally, I have been dx'd with both and can tell a huge difference in myslef and my friends who have only FM.

    The fatigue in CFS has been called bone crushing, and I think that is an appropriate description. It's really difficult to imagine you could feel that wiped out until you actually do. I had times last year when even talking on the phone, while lying down, was physically exhausting to me.

    The pain that goes with FM is much greater than theat of CFS. My musckles are in constant knots and varying levels of pain all the time due to my FM. This is with Ultram, round the clock, frequent use of heat, regular massage therapy, and Active Release Techniques practiced by my chiro. Her entire treatment of me is done manually, except for the stretching of my lower back. Despite all this, I am always in pain.

    On my bad days I have the swollen glands, sore throats, fluish feeling that so often accompanies CFS. Likewise when the weather is changing my muscles are the first to let me know.

    I have learned to prop my arms on both sides so I can sit though a church service. When I bought a van for my scooter I made sure it had comfortable armrests to suppport my arms, so my shoulders don't have to. I also use the armrests on my scooter for that purpose.

    I know there are cognitive problems with both CFS and FM, but from what I have read the ones with CFS are more extensive than the fog of FM.

    I hope this has helped clarify some of the differences in the symptoms of these syndromes.

  5. coyote

    coyote New Member

    Thanks for your replies. This has been helpful.
  6. marcus1243

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    The differences are quite pronounced. My gf has certain things I don't have like fevers, hot sweats, immense fatigue, swollen glands.

    We both share:

    Joint pain
    Blurry vision
    Sore, dry eyes
    Muscle pain
    Muscle weakness
    Muscle soreness/tenderness

    Things I have that she doesn't are:

    Tingling/burning sensations
    Irritable bladder

    And generally more muscle pain and stiffness. Mine seems more neurological whereas hers seems more infectious, if that makes sense. Neither one is any fun!


  7. coyote

    coyote New Member

    Thanks Marcus,
    That is very clear. Gives me something to think about. I am seeing my rheumy on Wed. and will have some more questions to ask him thanks to all the information people share here.
  8. Lendi

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    Thanks for the explanation. When I asked my neurologist what the difference was (he just diagnosed me with CFS) he told me there wasn't a difference. I knew that couldn't be right and have another appt. set up with a rheumy for late feb. I understand much better, now though so again. Thanks. Lendi