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    Can you have more than one program downloaded that will show videos on the computer? If I download another program Flash Player) will that cause a problem ?

    Right now, I have the Adobe Reader XI and I have been trying to install the Flash Player for the exercises that my chiro has given me. I have copied down the instructions but some are not that easy to decipher exactly how to do them from the written instructions. I also have some other things that I have tried to watch that I can't as they say I have to install the Flash Player.

    I have Windows 7 and Mozilla Thunderbird. I tried once to EASILY download and it was telling me I MIGHT have to disable my antivirus program ( no clue). Another time it mentioned something about
    disabling our Internet Explorer. ( I still have no clue). I didn't set up the computer and DH isn't much better. We always ask our son who does not live to close by and is extremely busy.

    Any hints from any smart internet gurus out there ? I know there are.

    Granni :confused:
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    Hope this helps...

    Some videos require different players. No, you don't have to shut off your anti-virus programs...normally. There are some circumstances you might run into a problem, but most often not.

    What type of anti-virus program are you using? That would be my first question. Don't attempt to download until you let me know.

    Some downloads can be "saved" and I recommend doing it that way if possible. Set up a folder in your "Downloads" file identifying what program is being downloaded and direct the download to that folder. After the download is finished, close your browser and go to the folder. Find the downloaded file and double click it to install.

    However, some programs do an automatic download and it can't be avoided. Just let it do it's thing.

    But, read, read, read both methods while installing. Some programs will "highjack" your current browser (Mozella Thunderbird) and replace it with (as an example) Chrome. Just uncheck the boxes so they won't be installed. The same thing could happen with your anti-virus program. I often get asked if I want Norton/McAfee installed...and I hate both!! Just read and uncheck those items you don't want installed.

    Let me know about your anti-virus program...

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    Thanks for your response. I may be busy this morning. So will probably have to get back to you. Trying to find my antivirus program. Son put everything on the computer.

    I can't find the icon so I may have to see if I can find out today. I thought we used to have an icon. DS is always so hard to get ahold of - so busy at work.

    I printed out your message so far but will try and find out the program if it is still there. I don't think it have just been deleted by accident, do you?

    Thanks again;. All this stuff is confusing to me and I am afraid I am going to screw up the computer somehow. DH is just as bad or maybe worse than I, not to patient on some of this stuff.

    Be back as soon as I can.

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    I found that I have the Avira free antivirus son put on for me. Still trying to figure out the type of reader needed. My icon says I have the Adobe Reader XI but inside where I was searching it says 32 bit Flash Player. I am too confused. Also everything I try to listen to something I want to listen to it seems to say that I need something else. I guess one of them is what I need. Hope I haven't confused you to much. I need to leave now but will be back later.

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    Hope you are doing OK. I spoke to the staff of my chiro. and she was going to get back to me soon to tell me the program I need to access.

    Hope to hear from her and you soon. I will get back to you when I find out the correct program. This trying to read the exercises from the page is a pain.

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    I just found out that I need the Flash Player . Hope this helps. Do you have any more directions.,

    Thanks for all you have said already. Hope you are feeling OK. Get back to me when you can.

    Hope you are feeling OK ! Worrying about you sweetie !

    Granni :)
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    Sorry I haven't gotten back with you sooner. Been having some pain issues (but, then, who doesn't:))

    You're using "Avast" which is a free anti-virus program. I've never had to turn off this anti-virus program when downloading either to XP or Windows 7. So, don't fret in that regard.

    Not sure how to direct you to getting Flash Player. If the program they want you to use says something about needing and downloading it, then follow the directions. It'll usually say something like "click here" to download (giving you a link to Flash Player). Otherwise, you might have to do a search (some would say "Google" it). Once you get to the website, then download it. If you're given the option of saving the file, then save it like I mentioned in my first response. Always download the "freebie".

    Why do I prefer saving a download? If you have a problem, you don't have to re-download since you already have the saved file.

    But, if I'm not mistaken, Flash Player automatically downloads and you can't save the file.

    Try not to let this intimidate you. Yes, it's nerve wracking when you feel lost...but I think you'll be okay.

    I'll try to check in sooner. Let me know if this helps...

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    The antivirus program is AVIRA NOT not Avast. However, that may not make any difference anyway. Let me know if it does :)!!! I'll TRY not to let it intimidate me. When it tells me to disconnect something I'll be a gonner . One time I tried it either said to turn off the antivirus and another time is said to disconnect the Internet Explorer or temporarily turn off. The few people I asked had no idea of why this should be needed but what do I know:)??? Maybe they just want to confuse people like me :)!! he he

    Sorry you are feeling so badly. Thank you so much for your help. I will try tomorrow. Will need some more time in case something screws me up :)!!!

    HUGZ and Love to you,
    Granni :confused:
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    My, boo-boo. I thought perhaps you'd misunderstood the name of your anti-virus program. I've never heard of Avira...just got through reading about it. From what I've read, it can be problematic.

    The reason many downloads say you "may" have to turn an anti-virus program off is because Flash Player "cookies" may be installed that might be mistaken for a virus and/or a malware...then the download might possibly be blocked. Since I'm not familiar with Avira, I'm going to suggest you temporarily shut it off for the download. Once you've finished downloading and Flash Player is fully installed, turn Avira back on. Reboot/restart your computer then, run a virus scan to make sure all is well. (Yes, this time time consuming, but worth it.)

    Mozella's Thunderbird is basically an email program. I hope you're using Mozella's Firefox as your browser. If you are, then you don't need to worry about turning off Internet Explorer. This part of your instructions confuses me because if you are using Internet Explorer, if you shut it off, you can't run the download (basically, you'd have no internet access). I'm going to say forget this part.

    I know this is frustrating. All you want to do is view a video, but it's a necessary evil unfortunately.

    After you've installed Flash Player, over time you may get notices for an update. Once again, follow the instructions (like shutting down Avira if it's needed) and be cautious of those little "check boxes" so your browser, etc., doesn't get highjacked.

    Good luck...I hope all goes well.