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    Once again, I am on the never ending quest of fibromites and cfers. Trying to find a new doctor for us is like we are going to the promised land with Joshua back in biblical times. It is exhausting, and emotionally and physically draining, but we know that ONE day we will find the RIGHT one.

    I called my insurance company yesterday and have an entire list of docs on my network. I started off with internal medicine docs and called about ten of them before I gave up. Each receptionist or nurse I spoke with said they would refer me to a rheumy for treatment.

    I called the ONLY rheumy on my list to make an appointment to save money, energy, and tears, but was told I had to be referred by my primary doctor. When I explained I didn't have a primary doctor, I was told that I needed one to go see the rheumy.

    Now...this is all new to me because my excellent doctor before in another state was a family practioner and treated me fully and I had to ask for a referral to a rheumy. All the docs I have called here act like they dont want to treat you and will pass you, being the proverbial buck, on.

    Is this the norm? Can a rheumy treat all of our symptoms? The rheumy I did see would not prescribe anything medically related that did not involve my fibro pain. Such as anti-depressants etc. He said that was for my FP doc to do, and he only worked on my joints.

    So needless to say, I am stuck deciding who is going to be my middle man. Would you all go see a doc who says he will immediately refer you to a rheumy?

    Am I asking the wrong questions? please help as I have about 40 calls to make on and off today.

    Sandy (FF)
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    So far, I have had no luck with Rheumys. Like you, he just wanted to treat my pain and didnt care about my other symptoms. I dont have much pain but I have more CFIDS symptoms. I am going to an immunologist who also used to be a Rhuematologist. I spoke to the nurse, who said she treats CFS and FMS and said that it is sooo important to find a doc who will treat all symptoms but those are hard to find. I see her next week, so we will see....
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    Kellbear, I'm a family physician looking for other physicians who are willing to tackle all the symptoms (and look for causes!) of CFS/FMS (Devastating Diseases). I'm in Washington State. Could you help me get in touch with your new doc? I'm new to chat boards, but it seems OK to share that kind of information.

    P.S. Sandy, thanks for bringing up this topic. It really is hard to find a physician who will really listen and attend to ALL of your health care needs, especially if you have a complex, confusing and poorly understood chronic disease, but they're out there, so keep looking.
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    on the internet on fibromyalgia and your area. I live in a small town and amazingly found a doc who would help me. My rheumy on the other hand, i have to travel 2 hours every few months to see but he's worth it. He treated me first by sleeping pills, and then anti-dep plus some pain meds. It's helped a bit but only w/alternative methods...

    Or you may just want to ask someone you know if they like their doctors, go to them and do not tell them you have fibro either until you get there or till your forced to so they take you seriously..spaz