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    The week of September 13-17, Dr. Garth Nicolson, PhD - a leading chronic diseases researcher and one of the most cited scientists in the world - will host a daily Q&A here.

    Each day he will interactively address selected topics.

    To learn about his many areas of expertise or to send your questions directly to our editor, visit:

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  2. chrissy12

    chrissy12 New Member

    What if your antibodies to mycoplasma pneumonia are above 1000, usually 1200 and as high as 1600 for a long period of time? I have been on doxycycline for 2 1/2 years. Do you have any other suggestions to bring the numbers down?

    Do you think there is any connection between the retrovirus XMRV and mycoplasma??

    Thank you.
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  3. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    The VA did not take it seriously.

    M. pneumonia
    M. Fermentans
    M. Genitalia

    I have a hard time with doxycycline because of IBS.

    Have heard M. Fermentans can be serious: what should I be aware of and what
    signs or symptoms are critical to be evaluated by my VA doctor? I have NASH,
    COPD, FM, CFS, Peripheral Neuropathy, Spinal Issues and recently Dx'd with
    MG (ocular) and take 1 pyridostigmine per day, which helps.

  4. Holly-Admin

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  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Was a test by John Martin, Phd for tainted live polio virus. I lived in Alabama
    which is not on the list for the tainted virus.

    Since Dr. Martin worked with you for a time, do you feel I should try to
    pursue this as a possible cause of my illness.

    The Cheney Clinic was sending blood to Oncore at the time for testing.

    I have not been tested for mycos but have had some good improvement
    with the targeted Transfer Factors toward mycos. And 4 months on docy 100mg
    bid followed by flagel 500 bid, Vit C seem to show some improvement after
    it was completed. Felt nothing while taking it. Any suggestions for me there.

    Thanks for your time.

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  6. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, Dr. Nicolson.

    Will you please comment on the newly discovered MLV-related retroviruses in CFS patients, and what relationship they might have to the other infectious pathogens you have found in CFS.


    Rich Van Konynenburg
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have read where you now are using antioxidants and lipids to fight the mycos.

    Are there any specific brands you prefer. And any you do not think are helpful.

  8. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    robert smith today produced a paper with details of how the retro v drug work wtih hiv and xmrv so far in his research.

    regarding mlv.s and xmrv

    what is your understanding in the area of treatment following this paper and the others

    how do you think the link with ms fm and prostate cancer will pan out

    what do you think the link is with the high level of vaccination patients getting ill having had the hep b vaccination

    how do you think the infection is transmitted

  9. Minnesota

    Minnesota New Member

    Dr. Nicolson, I'm curious to know your thinking regarding the Marshall Protocol, which Dr. Trevor Marshal developed to treat sarcoidosis, and certain people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I believe his protocol involves reducing the bacterial load of mycoplasma, and he maintains that avoiding all sources of vitamin D is essential to do this. What are your views on this, especially given all the news about vitamin D's benefits?

    Do you know of any research in the past few years that may substantiate or argue against this?

    Thank you.

  10. Minnesota

    Minnesota New Member

    I was reading the abstract of your weight loss study published in the Journal of IiME last year, using a nutritionsl supplement with NT Factor and a "starch blocker." (Healthy Curb) How does that work? I wonder what caues hunger, and does NT Factor always reduce hunger even when not in this formula?
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  11. SunshineEmpress

    SunshineEmpress New Member

    Have you done any studies of the cellular effects of different dietary oils?

    There are ads touting "virgin coconut oil" everywhere. Any good science behind this?
  12. TheCuriousCat

    TheCuriousCat New Member

    In your experience, does anyone (or what percent) essentially recover from ME/CFS (not just temporary remission)? If so, any general key?

    Bruce Campbell (CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help), Leonard Jason, and Martin Pall are three 'fortunate ones' I've read about who think they have overcome it.
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do you think that mycos play a part in autoimmune diseases such as scleritis,
    lupus, sjogren's or RA...other too, that you feel might.

    Thanks so much,

  14. Tizz

    Tizz New Member

    I realize that fibromyalgia isn't really your area of special expertise, but I wondered if you could recommend a supplement that might help with fibromyalgia - related headaches?

    Thank you very much.

  15. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi Dr. Nicholson,

    Thank you for your kindness in addressing questions regarding mycoplasma etc from our online community.

    In addition to CFS, almost 10 yrs ago I aquired a breathing problem/severe asthma (following dental work) that is/was believed to be mycoplasma pnemoniae infection. I found a specialist and he treated me with antibiotics for 4+ yrs - mainly doxy and then Azithromycin.

    In the last part of the treatment I developed a continuous fever - of 99.5 - 100.5 - and no one could determine why. I started high dose Vit D and sunlight (real/outdoor and panels) the fever responded and went subnormal - 98.4 and steady. If I let up on the D or the sun I seem to have the fever return.

    I am interested in hearing your thoughts on Vit D, supplements, transfer factors, herbs, antioxidants etc that may have an impact on these types of chronic infections. Are there any that you feel are valuable in fighting the negative symptoms of these illnesses? Any we should avoid?

    Lastly, are the teeth/mouth/root canals a reservoir of mycoplasma. If so, is there anything we can do to decrease their effects?

    I read that (endogenous) hydrogen peroxide aides the mycoplasma in attaching to the lung/throat mucosa - is this true and should we avoid hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes?

    Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge of these illnesses!



  16. Rrrr

    Rrrr Member

    does dr. nicolson have any thoughts on treatments? what would he recommend for "modulating immune response by suppressing virues"? (his quote)
  17. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    hi dr

    thank you for your reply on dental and microplasma, i found that interesting as i had dental implants and have been ill ever since they used cow bone as a bone graph and i wonder how you feel that may have attributed to my ongoing me/cfids?

  18. topazs

    topazs Member

    I have Addisons disease, fibromyalgia is very severe (17 YRS after glandular fever, barvon forest, ross river) - Im on MS Contin for the pain and that barely touches it, no other pain killers that we have here in Australia help at all, chronic fatigue syndrome, very bad mcs SO BAD Im living in a car, I cant go inside for long at all if there is paint on the walls or carpet on the floors, hypochlordia, hypokalemia, copper and other metal poisoning, severe allergies and asthma, COPD, celiac. Brain scan shows very calcified arteries for my age (49 yo), small tumor. My cortisol is nil as all sex hormones.

    What should I concentrate on? The hair analysis shows enormously high levels of copper, ca, mg, boron manganese etc etc. Im trying to get the copper out which I understand keeps the adrenals drained. and irritatethe nerves. Trying to get the ca out as I understand that causes a lot of pain. Who cares about the heart attack it might lead me to or stroke. I cant find a doctor who is interested in whether the tumor could be playing any part or should I be worrying about building my immune system back up?

    And the addisons is bad - register a nil morning cortisol. Im on 37.5mg a day cortate, any less and Im dead. Im very allergic to salicylates so I dont want all the stuff people take to revitalise their adrenals unless you think the extracts might be worth trying.

    HELP! I cant live in a car for the rest of my life. Or be in this much pain.


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