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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mujuer, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Hey girl it's me, mujuer from the Fibro board. I am fifty this month and I know that you have a few years on me but hey we are still young at heart. Can't thank you enough for getting me plugged into Grape Seed Extract. I am off of it now until after I have back surgery this Thursday. Boy can I feel it. I don't have near the energy and am sleepy alot.

    Anyways, to my question; are you by chance an empath? Do you know people who are? I am an empath and would like to find some knowledgable sources. I ask you because I sense alot about you in your posts. Just tell me it's no never mind of mine and I won't be offended. P
  2. mujuer

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    I really welcome everyone to hop in. Yes, I did google it and found alot of interesting things. I would however like to find some books on the subject. I found it most interesting that CFS/Fibro is a common thing for empaths to have. Makes sence to me. I need to find out though how to release the bad energy. Prayer helps more then anything I have found.

    I have known that I was an Empath for awhile now but never studied it. I was a serious treeclimber as a child and if there is warm water around I am in it. I live up on a hill with a gajillion trees and lookout over the water. It is very calming.

    Yes we all have the power to be an Empath. Thanks Jammin for the surgery vibes. I will go back on my GSE as soon as I get home which is just the day after. P
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