Questions for Mikie about guafinesin

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    Hi, Mikie:

    I was reading the post from Shirrell about guafinesin and was especially interested in your reply to her. I read the book by Dr. Armand about guafinesin. I guess my cognitive skills are really bad due to the fibro. It seems I read something, but have a hard time comprehending what I am reading. I had thought you also had to watch what foods you ate to be sure they didn't contain salyclates. You said you were taking guafinesin, but didn't worry about the sals in foods since it wouldn't block the gua. That makes me feel more encouraged to try this program since it doesn't sound as complicated as I first thought.

    I checked the store on this website to find guafinesin. Someone else said it was available here. I got a listing of all the products, but couldn't find it here. Someone else said you had to get it from your doctor and still another person said you can get it over the counter at your drug store. Where do you get yours? Also, what products do you use that are sal free (I am talking about toothpaste, lotions, sun screens). I don't use makeup so no problem there. I also have contact lenses so I use products for those. Are those a problem? I also take vitamins-should I make sure they are sal free? It sounds like maybe since they are more concentrated they would be a problem whereas food is not? Do I just look on the list at the end of the book and if those are not listed on the label then it should be okay? I'm sorry if this sounds so stupid, but I have done so much reading and have heard of more herbs, drugs, exercise programs, etc. that supposedly can help fibro, that I am getting so confused.

    How long do you have to wait for your body to be sal free before starting gua? If it's in the book, just tell me and I will try to absorb it once again. I have been in such a fog the last few weeks. Is there ever an amount of gua that would be unsafe to take? You mentioned that gua causes the blood to thin. Would this be dangerous if you were injured or cut yourself? What about other prescription drugs-I currently take Ultracet and Elavil. Can these block gua? I also take melatonin at bedtime along with the prescription meds.

    Sometimes I feel so discouraged and tired of trying to help myself and figure things out, but I know I can't give in to this disease. I try to keep a positive attitude, but some days I am tired of doing this. But I figure at this point I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I just don't want to do something that could harm me more. I understand that in the beginning, if the gua is working, you will go into a flare. How bad was it for you and how long did it last? I am still trying to work full-time. Should I plan on taking time off or is it not always that bad for everyone?

    Sorry this is so long. I realize you aren't a doctor, but any help or info you can give me I would really appreciate. If anyone else reading this can give me any help, I would appreciate that as well.



    P.S. You said you are 3/4 better now. Do you still get flares or times when you are in a lot of pain? I realize that we are all different and I think in different stages in this disease. I think I have had this disease most of my life, so I am expecting that if this helps me, it could be a long time, maybe years, before I am the best I can be. I also eat healthy and exercise four to five times a week. I do stretching exercises twice a day.
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    I'm not Mikie, but I recently started Guai.

    You can get the Guai here without a script, and it is cheaper than anywhere else I've looked. I don't know why you couldn't find it at the store...use the search feature.

    There is no overdose unless you exceed 2,400 mgs. daily, which you would not do with the Protocol. The dose is 2,400 mgs. for a normal person, but most FMS patients cannot tolerate nearly that much. You start at 300 mgs.twice daily and work your way up, IF and only if you need to.

    Foods are OK, but vitamins and supps. are not, and you must read all labels, every time you buy an item, since ingredients are often changed. Besides the lists in the book, there are lists on the guaidoc website that are more extensive. A general rule is if it has the sylabble "sal" in it or if it is any sort of plant extract, don't use it.
    You asked about toothpaste, and the pink kids ones are usually OK, but read labels. Don't forget floss...when I started I got new toothpaste, but forgot about the floss and used mint flavored floss, which of course will block guai due to the mint.
    I don't know about contact lens the label, or call the manufacturer if ingredients aren't listed. All it takes is one thing, and the guai won't work. I found this out the hard way. It's best to do as suggested in the book...gather ALL items that you use on or in your body and go through them one by one and put them in two piles for ones you can use and ones you can't.
    Good luck,
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    Hope you are well. Sorry I didn't get back to you til today.

    You just need to have the sals eliminated 24 hours before taking the Guai; however, it can take some time to go through everything you use and replace any items containing sals. I suggest this all be taken care of before starting the protocol. There is a wide variation in our ability to tolerate sals. Some can tolerate none; I can tolerate a few. I highly recommend being completely sal free, though, when starting out. Even tiny amounts of mint will block the Guai.

    Like everyone else with FMS, I have some kind of pain nearly every day. Every once in a blue moon, I will have a painful flare and end up taking Morphine. It usually only lasts a day. The rest of the time, I usually have such a low level of pain that I take nothing for it. I do stretches all day long, like a cat (maybe that's why they have that smug look on their faces; they know something we don't).

    The Guai is available here. Do a search in the Store and you will find it or give them a call on the toll-free number and the ProHealth phone person will find it for you. I am at the 2400 mgs. maximum dose. Once you establish the effective dose for yourself, you can speed things up or slow things down by increasing or decreasing the dose. Each time the dose is increased after finding the minimum effective dose, though, it will bring on a Guai flare. The flares are different for everyone. If a flare goes on too long or is too painful, you can cut back on the dose.

    The Guai does have slight blood-thinning properties, but I don't believe, unless one is a bleeder, that this is a problem. It is such a benign drug that it should not interfere with other medications, but you could ask your doc or pharmacist just to be on the safe side.

    The vitamins can be a problem. Dr. St. A says to stop all supplements while starting the Guai. I believe it is better to take individual vitamins and minerals than a multi-vitamin, but this can mean taking a lot of stuff. The problem is that often, the source of the mineral or vitamin isn't known and can contain concentrated plant material. Eating more veggies with lots of vitamins helps. So does drinking lots of water to flush out the debris that is being pulled out.

    Watch your urine and you will probably see evidence of the debris. It can look like baby powder floating on the top or like salt crystals that sink to the bottom.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie