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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zoemurr, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Thanks again for all your help.

    My brain fog and feeling always out of breath is driving me crazy. I found a chiro who preaches "whole health" so I thought I'd give her a try.

    She did something called a "static EMG". Are you familiar with that? How accurate is it? It showed that my C1 is pulling way too much in one direction. She thinks this could be causing the fog, and hopes to be able to treat it.

    She felt that the out of breath is my "fight or flight" constantly being "on". Not sure how to treat that, but she seems to feel that the misalignment is the root of many evils.

    But she started me on a supplement called DSF that I feel has helped somewhat, so I want to give her a try. Do you think chiros can help with these type of things? She adjusts with a drop down table and an acivator. She also uses a percussor.

    How often would you see a new patient? How much is too much?

    Thanks so much

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  3. zoemurr

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    I wasn't sure if 2-3x a week was too much or not. That's what she's suggested. I've gone 9x and am not sure I feel any better, but she said that we have to reach realignment first before any symptom relief, and that may be up to 20 visits (although she was hoping for closer to 12.)

    I will get rescanneed in a week or 2 and go from there.

    I got upset in the office yesterday and she was saying that they have helped people worse off than I am and she is still confident. She says she can feel my muscles relaxing even if I can't tell yet.

    It's nice to go to someone who doesn't think I'm crazy, and has valid ideas as to why these things are happening. She did call it "sympathetic overdrive" I believe, instead of FM.

    Thanks Ralph.. you always help me feel better. :)

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