Questions for residents of the Southwestern USA and....

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    ....visitors to these areas.

    If you have lived or travelled through states such as California, Arizona, West Texas, Nevada and parts of Utah and became ill with flu-like symptoms: coughing, fever, night sweats, headaches, weight loss, etc. while living there or after visiting these areas, were you soon afterward diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue?

    I'm curious to know how many of you had your symptoms and/or diagnosis of FMS/CFS start after a "flu-like illness" compared to others whose symptoms/diagnosis started after a car accident or major surgery.

    Please tell me how and when this painful, lonely journey with FMS/CFS began for you.
  2. maxtout

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    ....I'm finding an awful lot of people who are being diagnosed here locally (Central Valley of California) with FMS or CFS or both after having had Valley Fever. Since the fungal infection is not just endemic to the Central Valley of California, I'm curious about people in other endemic areas. I was wondering if people who may have contracted a mild case of Valley Fever, but never knew they had it, may now be suffering from FMS/CFS.

    I'm seriously wondering if there may be a fungal connection to developing Fibro and Chronic Fatigue. Many people have said their symptoms started "after some kind of flu-like illness that just never seemed to go completely away."

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