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    I have a friend from the medical field that also has trained as a Bioenergetic Screening Analyst. (This is a computerized energy analysis technique based on the Chinese theory that improper energy flow through the acupressure meridians causes energy imbalance. These various acupressure points have been found to measure the relative status of the corresponding organs, glands or systems) The screening involves taking simple,painless electronic readings on the skin surface of the hands and feet. It was amazing! I did not share a lot of my medical history with her and after doing a reading she would tell me what it meant, etc. She really blew me away! She could tell that I didn't have a gallbladder, had many scars (most aren't visible when I'm fully clothed)had low energy overall, listed my allergies,arthritis pain,etc and much more. One thing she picked up on was that my liver was not in too great a condition and she encouraged me to try a detox. She recommended Colo-Cleanse as it is not as harsh as many others can be. Well I am in Day 2 and I cannot get rid of the this possibly from the detox? I feel like I could just go to bed all day long. I should just give up & do that as I am not accomplishing much anyway. Are severe headache & sharply increased fatigue tipical with a detox? I have tried to eat only fresh fruits & drink lots of water today too. I thought I would try this to improve my basic health but I don't know if I have got what it takes to stick it out! Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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    I did a parasite cleansing, and though I had no headache, I did suffer more fatigue than usual. It was explained though, that this is normal. Your body is flushing all the nasties out, so it's apt to make you feel tired.
    Sorry, I'm not much help...
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    I too have a messed up liver and have tried many different cleanses. I cannot do any of them. Even taking Milk Thistle to support my liver sends me to bed for days.

    Believe me, I am no wimp, but the headache and the fatigue brought on by these cleanses when your liver is so toxic is just unbearable. I literally needed to be carried to the bathroom which is just off the bedroom.

    Perhaps you need to find something that is more gentle even though it will take much longer to clean your liver. On the advice of a naturopath I started taking Chinese Bitters to do just that. Most people can take 1 tsp. with no problem. I started with two drops! And I could feel an increase in fatigue! However, it was manageable. I am now up to 5 drops. When I am ready I will increase it until eventually I will be able to take a tsp. The naturopath told me it might take a couple of years. But it will be an easier route to a clean liver.

    I hope this helps. Pepper
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    I tried some homeopathic detox stuff once, suggested by a holistic dentist, and it made me terribly ill, with an ongoing excruciating headache and very bad CFIDS setback, it took me three months to get back to where I was before, and my brain is still after five months worse than it was.

    So if you feel really bad, don't continue!

    I used not to be able to take milkthistle either, even small amounts made me depressed and headachy.
    I then bought some non-alcohol milkthistle drops, and started with 1/2 a drop at bedtime, and very slowly worked myself up to 20 drops, now I can even take the capsules.
    I say this, since there is research that CFIDS people with liver problems benefit from milkthistle, so that one may be worth persuing, and later, perhaps, others can follow.

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    I am so pleased to meet you! I used to think I was crazy when I couldn't do these detoxes that everybody else seemed to be able to do. The naturopath I went to told me I was not alone and now I have met you!

    If I hadn't quit the detoxes after a day or two I'm sure I would have had a serious setback.

    I have never seen milk thistle drops but will see if they are available here in Canada. Maybe it would go a little faster.

    It appears that we have both decided to take the tortoise's way to a clean liver! But we'll get there!

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    Things are going better today and I don't have a constant headache - still guzzling lots of H2O and eating fruits, juicing etc. Thanks for your responses!