questions for those with sleep disorders

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    I have been reading that sleep contributes to CFS/Fm but what if you are getting all stages of sleep. I got my sleep study back and it says im getting all 4 levels of sleep but that my non-rem sleep is above normal and my REM sleep is below normal. My average O2 saturation was 97.4, and my disordered breathing was 173 that night..I am supposed to be getting surgery for the sleep apnea. Just wanted to make sure this is really sleep apnea happening or a CFS related sleep disturbance.
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    If you are not getting enough REM sleep, like your results indicate, then yes, you have a sleep disorder.

    If you are asking if your sleep apnea is causing your CFS, or is your CFS causing your sleep apnea .... I don't know ... maybe that's one of those "which came first--the chicken or egg" questions!!

    I have obstructive sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP and oxygen.

    Would a CPAP not work in your case? Is surgery a must?

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    i also have obstructive apnea, i tried the cpap and couldnt tolerate it..theyre removing my tonsils and other tissues from my mouth because they think its blocking my airway...hope it helps the fatigue at least some..