Questions for your Doctor re: Fibro

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    I found this list of questions you can ask your doctor if you are dx with fibro. Maybe we can add some questions to this list based on our experiences.

    Questions for your doctor about fibromyalgia
    Preparing questions in advance can help patients to have more meaningful discussions with their physicians regarding their conditions. Patients may wish to ask their doctor the following fibromyalgia–related questions:

    How do you know I have fibromyalgia?

    What is your experience in diagnosing and treating patients with fibromyalgia?

    Can you recommend a physical therapist experienced with fibromyalgia patients?

    What kind of fitness regimen should I consider?

    Are there changes I should make in my diet?

    Are there changes I should make to my sleeping habits?

    What medications may help me?

    What complementary treatments may be helpful for me?

    How will any of my pre–existing conditions affect fibromyalgia?

    How might I reduce the likelihood of symptom flare–ups?

    What changes should I make to my living and working environments?

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    Thanks for posting it.

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