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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Angel6801, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Angel6801

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    Okay, I know I am NOT going through menopause. I had been suffer with hot flashes since Wednesday and I gets really tired easily. Then I woke up at night time, finding myself sweats which is not usually happens to me. I couldn't sleep well anymore. I am always cold easily.. One drink of glass of water just enough to send me goosebumps and chatters in my teeth... Is any of those normal in the FM??? My hands has been alwys icy cold. By the time I finally gets to warm up, everyone around me was hot... Did anyone have this problem?
  2. ruby711

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    Perhaps one of your hormones is low or you have adrenal fatigue or liver flashes. Only a doc who pursues this can really tell you what the problem is. Some women start perimenopause in their 30's as I did. The hot flashes can initially come on briefly and then be gone for months at a time. I hope you find a doc who can check this out thoroughly for you. A simple blood test can tell you if any of your hormones are low.
  3. kcollins

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    As soon as I stopped zoloft, the night sweats and hot flashes stopped. May not be same for you but thought I would mention just in case. I put up with the problem for years before I figured it out!
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