Questions my chiro answered today.

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    Hi, I am not sure how interested you all will be in this..but just in case someone else has been having the same questions..I will pass on what he told me today.

    I had asked about the muscles..can ANY muscle be affected?..Yes. Stomach muscles, intestines, large meaty muscles, itty bitty muscles. He totally believes in Fibromyalgia...said before they gave it that name..he always called it Muscular Arthritis. Says he believes it is closely related to Muscular Dystrophy. He also gave me some Calcium to try..I was having indigestion from my Coral Calcium...this stuff is phosphorus free. He said people always talk about your bones needing calcium..and they do..BUT..your bones have the ability to leach the calcium out of your muscles..when this occurs..your muscles let you know about it with pain. I believe phosphorus free calcium is readily used by muscles first..I will let you know how I get along with it.

    He also said that most people who have fibro...OVER DID IT when they were young. Whether it was sports or work..he says we then pay the bill as we get older.

    He assures me that there is light at the end of the table..I think I believe him. But he did not promise that it would be overnight or easy. I have been going to him for about two years now..he has certainly pulled me through some bad times. Earlier this year my right knee swelled up, hurt like all get out..felt like there was so much fluid under it that it was just going to explode. It took a couple three weeks..but it healed and it has not bothered me since..prasie to God. This was my hip/side. I honestly thought I had an organ going berserk on me or something. Monday..YIKES, when he adjusted it I thought I was dying..but..late that afternoon, the pain started subsiding. I went to him this morning and had another adjustment..yes, I have ice on it as I sit here..and its tender..but not that inflamed electrical shock thing..Praise to God again!

    I thought it weird that everytime my side/hip acted stomach would get upset..heck..turns out one thing was affecting the other.

    He told me to go get a mattress cover, an egg carton mattress? To put on my firm bed. I also told him..I slept all night last night..a GOOD sleep. I rolled up a blanket and put it between my legs. But still..I had pain in my left side. I then took a small pillow I had and put it in the curve of my waist..presto magic..a really good nights sleep with no pain waking me up. He said it makes since for some women to put a small pillow in the curve of the we have a pretty good curve there and it is very likely to make muscles hurt unless they have some support. I just could not believe it..I have had to sleep on my stomach because I had so much pain in my sides when I would try to sleep on them.

    This is it for now. I am sorry it was so long winded..but it was just amazing what a couple of little things have done to help my pain..and the best part was it did not involve swallowing another pill!!<G>

    I have received so much help from the board..I pray that I can return the favor to someone else.

    Blessings to you all..Sherry
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    I haven't been to a chiro for my FM but I did see one several years ago after a woman broadsided us at the grocery store. We were sitting still and she was coming across from another parking lot. She turned her head to the left to check for traffic but didn't stop before she came across the road to hit us. I could see her coming but couldn't do anything. The chiro said when I twisted from the waist towards hubby (who was driving)while buckled in that I injured my lower back. She took xrays and took the time to sit down and show me exactly where the injury was and what it looked like. And at every visit she always explained what she was doing, why she did it and what I could expect. She was great. I got more pertinent info from her in 8 weeks than I got from my ortho guy in all the 2 years that I saw him. And he did surgery. I'm really glad your chiro is helping! Maybe I should give my old chiro a call.

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    There is a close connection between calcium and phosphate in the body. If the bones take calcium from the muscle (I always thought it was the other way around) than that would leave phosphates in the muscle tissue, which is exactly what Dr. St. Amand has found. He prescribes taking calcium with meals to help the body rid itself of excess calcium through the intestines. His theory is that our kidneys are not able to excrete the phosphates and thus stores it in the muscle tissue.

    Madwolf, it would be interesting to get your take on this.

    Love, Mikie
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    somebody call Protech Nutritionals makes it and it is called ProCalcin. It has the following in it
    three tablets a day
    Vitamin C ...60mg
    Vitamin D ...400 iu
    Calcium from calcium carbonate, citrate, sulfate,gluconate and stearate ..1000 mg
    from magnesium oxide 150 mg

    He uses this because he said that the combo was helpful in the absorbability of the calcium..which I appear to have a problem with.
    You could still use extra supps like the ZMA on this site..the recipe for the calcium is just so it will be absorbed better I think.

    BUT..he said that he tells people if they are going to use over the counter calcium..his choice was to tell them to use OsCal.

    Hope this helps..and hope I have not broken any rules.

    Good luck..Sherry
    PS..there is also 3 mg of Boron from Boron citrate in it.

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