Questions on Disability - Getting very scared

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    I was reading a few posts about members being approved/going through the SS/Disability process - Congrats to those who've had good results!

    My doctor advised me to file for disability in June. I filled out the online form but have not signed or gone any further because I just don't see how it is feasible.

    I realize that, even if it takes time to get approved, the compensation will be retro but - WHAT do you do until then?

    I am a single parent with only my income (ar lack therof) to take care of myself and my daughter. How can I pay my mortgage (aleady 3-4 months behind) until this (maybe) is approved? I'd be inteested to know other's experiences.

    I've been out of work for over a year - savings/retirement gone. I've had times w/ no electricity, heat, even food. I'm okay for the time being because, after deciding that I couldn't possibly go on disability, I went back on unemployment. But that's exhausted now and I don't know what will happen after this month.

    I had an interview last week, but had trouble with the online assessment they had me take - just can't think properly and was unable to finish in time. And I'm scared to death; I can't even take care of my house. If doing a load of dishes is beyond me, how will I amke it through eight hours? (I can't even type this out properly, so much for previous 85 wpm :)

    Anyway, would be thankful tor any isight -


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    Denise, I do not know if you have pulled up old posts on ssi/and other entitlments and services.HighriskRn has her advise in such type post.when you do the search at top of board,many post with subject appear,then find your answer. I find it rewarding as many questions are sataited quickly.i hope you can search up some advise until others respond.Blessings & Peace,lisa
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    I can't tell you how much it has warmed my heart just to have people like yourselves take the time to reply. Thank you so much -

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    You can also do a google search on Disinissues. There you will find a site that has a lot of info on disability and what to do while you are waiting and don't have enough money. Good luck to you.

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    3 of those yrs. I had been a divorced single mom living on just child support.(about $400 a month!!)My case was "lost" so many times and I eventually did write a letter to the senator.My lawyer even had problems.NOONE helped me during those 3 yrs.I even had to battle just to get food stamps.Now that I did finally get SSI(still in the SSD battle)I no longer can get food stamps and pay for all my monthly bills.This just SUCKS!
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    Hi Denise,
    I hear what you are saying and I feel for you. You can do this, especially if your Doctor is supporting you. When I started I knew nothing and didn't have a computer so you are already better off. I called and filed that way and SSA followed up with a phone call to comfirm EVERYTHING. Get used to that! Also, consider getting an Attorney right away. I thought I could do it myself and in the end after 3 (yes 3 years) I had to get an attorney before I went to court after the 2nd DENIAL.
    MEANWHILE, I don't know what state you are in but the local social services and welfare programs were the only way I could make it. (Think of your Daughter!) I got food stamps, medicine and doctor appts. along with help in paying my rent all while I was "PENDING". (A word you'll get used to, pending.) Check with your local Housing Authority for immediate assistance. There are many types of Grants designed just for people like you in your situation.
    Also check with United Way for additional resources you may need. If you are having trouble getting the questions answered SSA cannot use that against you, go to your main local office and tell them you need help. You are DISABLED, remember? :) Be nice, but BE PERSISTANT.
    Take notes and names on everything, your attorney will need all the info. you can get about yourself ie. tests, MRIs, Cat Scans, blood work-up's etc....
    Don't be afraid!!! Take it one step, one question at a time and before you know it you'll be well on your way. The forms are long, sometimes I would take weeks to fill out one 4 or 5 page questionaire. Copy everything twice, (your Attorney will help you on that). The Attorney won't cost anything until after you WIN your case and nothing if you don't (but that won't happen!!)
    You_ can_ do_ this! Look at it this way, Will it be any easier 6 months from now or a year? NO! Not unless a cure is found, which I believe is possible but I wouldn't count on it.
    This site, and your computer ie. INFORMATION. is your best defense against "THE FEAR".
    I wish you all the best and remember you have many people on your side, you're not alone Denise! Hang in there, you CAN do this!
    If you have any questions at all, PLEASE ASK until you get the right answer for YOU.


    P.S. Sorry about going on and on, but I'm still kinda in the "fight-em" mode. I hope this helps you.
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    I'm just so thankful for all your help.