Questions on yeast over growth and treating it

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    I"m wondering if it's really ok to eat very many grains like amaranth, quinoa while trying to get rid of yeasts. I know I need grains. Maybe I should just consistently eat less of it.

    What about fruit or any sugar at all. If you eat a little is it going to undo the effort you are putting in to kill them.

    I also asked this on another post but it won't hurt to ask here too. I'm wondering about the effect of tea(organic/caffiene free) on yeast. If I recall, tea can contribute to it's overgrowth.

    Waht about cooked garlic, I really think that even it can effect yeasts and parasites. The pills don't really seem to do any good that I can see, but perhaps it does good that I just can't pinpoint.

    I've been doing the spit test and can tell I have a major overgrowth.

    I've been taking fungal defense by garden of life, I'm hoping it will help I just don't want to undo the effects by eating a little fruit or anything else that could contribute. I don't eat much, hardly any. I'm thinking I may actually need more according to nutritional values needed.

    What about carrots, starchy vegetables? I do eat maybe 1-2 carrots a day.

    I also take oil of oregano pills. I can tell that these definately help me when an infection is coming. This works when nothing else will, so far.

    Thanks for any input!