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    I know that I would be in the small percentage of men who get FM, however, it sure fits. I've been to a rheumatologist along with my PCP. The rheumatologist did x-rays of my neck and shoulders and an mri of my neck. I was sent for a doppler study on my arm (numbness from shoulder to hand) and electrical nerve testing. Everything comes back normal, including blood tests, with the exception of Cervical Spondylosis with moderate canal narrowing and military neck. The neurosurgeon referred saw nothing remarkable in the MRI and did not know why I was there.

    I have pain in all the tender points, some worse than others and have had this pain since shortly after being diagnosed with ulcerative colits in 1998. I get lightheaded when I stand up from sitting and need daily naps to fight the serious fatigue. Naps are about twenty minutes long and I wake up feeling worse. I completed the checklist and have at least 75% of the other symptoms, not many of those on Depression.

    I have not slept well for five years, either having a problem getting to sleep or awakening after a few hours and not being able to get back to sleep. I average 5 hours of sleep per night going to bed at the same time, around 9:30 and getting up at 5:30. Everything hurts in the morning.

    My rheumatologist has mentioned fibromyalgia to me and provided a brochure describing it. I've seen her 5 times and each time she has prescribed another drug. During the last visit she said there is not much more she can do for me and based on hr findings feels confident in admitting that I must have FM. She prescribed the Ultracet during this visit.

    The medications I am taking include, Klonopin for sleep, Ultracet for pain, Zoloft and Skelaxin, a skelatin muscle relaxer. I am feeling better taking the medications, however, when it gets close to dosage time, the pain recurs. Thhe fatigue is improving with better sleep.

    I would appreciate any responses from those of you who have this affliction.