Questions to others.. How fast did FM hit you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cczub, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. cczub

    cczub New Member

    I believe I've been dealing with FM for a few years now. Starting last year I went from say 100% to 90%.... Over the last few weeks I feel like I've gone from 90% to 60%..... I'm barely keepign up at work and not keeping up at home at all. I'm so tired from woring a full time job I don't have the energy to do ANYTHING at home. My wife works full time and we have a 6 year old son.

    The house is a wreck and the yard is even worse. I've been thoewing all the junk in the garage and can barely walk through it.....

    I just don't have the energy to do anything on the weekends. I got my attic 90% complete so we can move our bedroom up there but can't get that last 10% done.

    I guess my question is how fast did it progress for you?? I had been managing it pretty well. I don't know if I'm in a LONG flare or it's just progressing since I've had no "treatment" for it. I know this can be a debilitating disease but I'm only 28...

    I see a specialist next week and am trying to get as many facts as I can.

  2. louiesgirl2

    louiesgirl2 New Member

    It hits different people different ways. Unfortunately I have learned that this disease is just that different in each of us. I wasn't diagnosed until 2 years ago. I was doing fine on the original meds. Minimal flare ups.

    This year in May I had major female surgery which through me into a flare. I am now seeing an endocronologist as there are so many things that have cropped up in this last year prior to this surgery.

    I had a gastricbypass in 1999 and here it is 7 years later and I am starting to have issues from that, which turns out are just being discovered in weight loss surgery patients. They are learning new stuff on side effects from this every day.

    So, back to original question. Some people go years without a problem, and then wham.

    Hope this helped.
  3. janain

    janain New Member

    I'm 26 and have had fibromyalgia for going on 12 years. I'd say it took a few years to get to a point where it really affected my day-to-day life. For instance, having so much pain that I actually felt like I couldn't function of do anything as effectively as before or not being able to concentrate for very long or remember anything.

    It's good that you're seing a specialist (in fibromyalgia I hope!)My problem was that I've only recently been diagnosed as my pain started in my jaw and they thought I had TMJ disfunction for years until the pain started appearing all down my left hand side.

    I'd put it down to a long flare if I were you, you've got to stay positive. I would say if youre at about 60% the best thing to do would be to take the medication they offer you before your condition can get any worse. Also, Exercise and stretching are an excellent way of helping. I'm too ill now to do it reularly enpgh but when I think back 5 years if I knew then what I knew now I would have been exercising regularly and doing the stretches a few times a day.

    I found the stretches in the following book really helpfull and not too tiring!

    Fibromyalgia: Simple Relief Through Movement [Paperback] by Bigelow, Stacie

    Any of Christine Craggs-Hamillton's books are very good too. Worth hurting your neck to read!

    The reason I asked about where you were based is because I'm seeing a good dr in london on the nhs.

    One last thought... dont give up as I know some1 who is pain free 90% of the time as they haslearnt to manage her condition. (pain management course helped!)

    Also, 5-HTP is really good as a herbal remedy!

  4. cczub

    cczub New Member

    The doctor I'm going to see I found on immunesupport. He was the only one who is in my plan.... I've made a list of everything I've been tested for and all the tests I've had. I have also written down everything that's been going on for the past few years to show a long history of these symptoms.

    I too tired lately to do anything. Even at work I'm a walking zombie... I'm trying to put up a good front but they are starting to see through it...
  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I have had the diseases for seven or eight years now. It started slowly at the very beginning, but then hit hard and heavy.

  6. cczub

    cczub New Member

    Thanks.. I've read alot on FM and CFS but there's nothing better than first hand experience... I've had around a 50% drop in energy in the past 3 weeks or so... I got a decent night of sleep (5 hours) but still feel bad. I know 1 night os sleep isn't going to fix 1 1/2 years of horrible sleep.. Gonna take a full dose of Ambien CR (12.5mg) tonight and see how that works vs. 6.25mg.

    This last 2 weeks have been a wakeup call for me and I'm montivated to get to the bottom of this and get some relief.
  7. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I think with a lot of us, we start to get sick but we figure it will pass; we don't realize how sick we are. We just try to carry on with what we feel we need to do.
    In actual fact, we should be starting treatment early, getting lots of rest and eliminating stress as much as possible.

    I know that I carried on working for quite a while when I shouldn't have. Consequently, I am worse off. I agree with Haleycole that Bruce Campbell's web site is VERY helpful. It doesn't have all the answers but it's a great start.

    Good luck with your appointment next week.

  8. janain

    janain New Member

    I can sympathise with you there. I find a complete contrast depending on the person. Lots of people close to me dont notice when im walking around like a zombie. However, I'm a teacher and the kids tend to notice a distinct drop in energy. Bit worrying though as they usually think im hungover! I think it's best to be honest with the 'important' people eg your team leader as they can be quite supportive. I tend tominimise things to I get really bad headaches and I have really bad earaches and pain in my shoulder and neck.

    Good luck with your appointment.

    Reading that Cambell site recommended above- interesting!
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  9. cczub

    cczub New Member

    I work for a very small company and am a minority partner. There are a total of 6 partners and they all know. I told them last year when I was Dxed... However, they seem to forget and when I say I have to go to the doctor they give me a wierd look. Next tuesday I have to see my PCP in the morning then the new doctor that afternoon.. In between that I'm going to be at work from 10-2.. Crazy day. They know I don't feel good but unless I say something they act as if I'm fine...

    The thing that bother's me they all have tier "medical opinion"... I appreciate the help but it's irritating sometimes.
  10. jacqualyn

    jacqualyn New Member

    I have been suffering with FM for 16 years. It started after I had 2 car accidents. At first the symtoms came on slow. Headaches, stomach problems, couldn't sleep, all over body aches etc. I went to so many doctors it was ridiculous. Some said I was depressed and some said it was all in my head. Then I hit rock bottom. I couldn't work anymore, I just didn't have the energy. I could barely get out of bed or even take a shower. I lost my husband, my job, some of my friends and my life. I was finally diagnosed in 2000 with this illness. It made me feel a little bit better to know that it wasn't all in my head. You never know when it is going to hit you hard. Some days it is not as bad as others. Sometimes the weather has alot to do with the pain and the lack of energy. I usually have to force myself to do things, and once I do it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. I know how hard it is when you first start feeling the symptoms. You think to yourself "What the heck is wrong with me? Then you start thinking that maybe you are a hypochondriac. You are NOT! With the right doctors and treatments things can get better. No, your life will never be the same, but you will learn to cope. I see a therapist who has CFS and she has helped me so much. She understands what we go through. You could be going through a long flare, which does happen. Once you get some treatment things will get a little better. Just remember, treatment is a slow process. Doctors will try different things to see what works best for you. I have been on so many different medicines, but now I take about 5 different prescriptions and I go to the doctors every 3 months. This seems to keep in under control for the most part. I still have flares and there are still days that I can't get out of bed. Things are better for me. Keep the stress levels down as much as you can because that does contribute to the long flares. Try your best to get some kind of exercise (God knows how difficult that is). Your diet is real important. Eat fruit and vegetables. I have recently bought a juicer and it helps with the energy. Try wheat grass shots at your local juice store (like Java Juice) It does help. I hope you have a good support system. A loving family and friends can also can benefit. We need people that understand this illness. It is extremely important. If you need to ask me any question, I am willing to be there for anyone. Good Luck at your specialist visit!!! Keep the faith.
  11. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    Well, I guess it was creeping in for a while after my sisters illness and my subsequent fall along with insomnia for over a year.

    But I remember the exact day that I started feeling nauseous and tired and thought I was having panic attacks.

    I didn't feel good for about 2 months and then - bam - woke up one day with a terrible back and neck and shoulder ache. Remember that day too.

    I thought I had overdone something or slept wrong, but the pain never went away and 2 more months later got the diagnosis.

    3 months later broke down and took the AD, personally it helps me enormously with pain, dizziness and emotions.

    So that's my story.

    Sue in Ontario

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