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  1. crickett

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    Here we go again . Got my saliva tests back and my adrenals are high morning noon and nite and my dheA is also elevated been battling the mood swings crying stomach upset and anxiety. Dr told me to try relora so I bought a bottle of the now brand and I have only taken 1 500 mg since I do battle alot with anxiety. I read several places on the Internet that it can make you jittery and cause more anxiety . I defiantly do not need this but I only took 1 this morning so do not know what to expect . Part of me feels my hormones are out of wack because I am so emotional I am usually happy this time of year but I am in a slump and can't seem to get out of it . Still taking my relora . So not sure if this is adrenal related or a hormone / fibro thing ???
  2. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Thank you freida for listening and caring my dr just gave me a list of supplements to try and sent me on my way. And I talked with my compounding pharmacist and she said to use relora and rhodiola and would look into adjusting my hormones I was crying my eyes out and she recommend me to get counceling to help me deal with my fibro and the emotional issues of my health and well being . All I want is to get things to calm down I do not need no more bills????
  3. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Thanks for the replys . I just feel that it's either my adrenals are having a hard time adjusting or my hormones are just out of wack. When I get in those mood swings and crying spells I cannot do anything except pray. If I am lucky they just pass sometimes I have to take a Valium to bring me ba k go reality. It's just so old . I want to do so much and I'm just stuck in this rut . I was hoping that the rhodiola would help me today but could not tell anything . I just need prayers I got to get myself together so I can see my son get married this September . At least they got my pool done so I am not stressing over that anymore. Just want to enjoy summer . Thanks for listening I try to tell my mom but she says she don't know what to tell me just wished they could find us a cure
  4. crickett

    crickett New Member

    Jaminhealth . I think my thyroid is working right although she hAs not tested me for it lately. It's mainly I'm experiencing eArly morning awakening following anxiety my digestion's all in a uprise . Moody and irritable and I cry at the drop of the hat. This really started when i have been trying to addresse my adrenal issues and it's been a down hill battle ever since . Praying for something to calm down . I even cry everytime my son talks about his getting married and I really like the girl who he is mArrying . I am so tired of everything Il try 1 supplement after Nother and everything back fires ...
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    Freida I calledy pharmacist this morning and my doctor is changing my hormones my saliva shows my dheA levels are elevated so she is taking me off that ?? I'm taking the relora to help lower my adrenals but it is making me a little nauseated . My anxiety has been over the roof trying to calm myself down taking l theaine and my Valium when I cannot tolerate it no more have not cried 2 much today thank goodness . My dr is suppose to set me up with a therapist for support and if it helps these attacks go away. Oh I forgot to say that I do take armour thyroid med. Just praying that this is only temporary . Thank you all for being here for me it's awfully hard going thru this stuff love u all
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    I have asked mine about doing tests for the adreanals but he said that the tests are expensive and most insurance's don't conver the tests. I have not had my throyid tested in years as doctor seems to think that all my pain is from my needing new knee's. I have end-stage -oesteo-arthritis in both knee's with floaty things inside them , if you put your hand on my knees and I bend them they feel like how a screen door sounds creaky, bumpy, and really jerky.

    I have asked for a test for lyme's, for my throyid, and other tests and maybe it is due to the fact the my doctor is a rehumy that he thinks every thing is due to the arthritis in my body. So I don't know who to go to or if my insurance will cover tests lile the ones you discribe. I don't know what to do or who to see to get some tests done and see if things like my vitiman D levels are back to normal.a few years ago when I had it tested my vit D was really really low and I was taking rx Vit D 50,000 mcg once a week for a year and I was retested and it kept comming back low finally I got it up to a point where it was just above the normal level the lowset level of normal possiable. So that is why I take the 2,000 mcg daily.
    I have not had my cholestrol tested in a long time as it was HIGH the only time I had it tested and was put on meds for it. At that time I was with a pain doctor who had me on oxycontin and for the first two months life was good my pain was mostly controled, then came the hight colestrol test and the meds and with in 5 days of taking the darn stuff I was in more pain than I had been in years. I stopped it after two weeks and have never ever taken it again. I now eat oatmeal and add cinnomon to things I eat. I try to get whole grain that reduce my cholestor. levels. but I have not had it tested again, Now I struggle with the fasting part of the test.

    I can't fast If I skip breakfast my stomache hurts and I get so sick and naousous that I can't think straight. I also find my self eating at 2 am cause I am suddenly hungry and feel like I have not eaten all day long. I know that due to the not sleeping thru the night makes me want to eat at night, I have said it before I am like a baby who has their days and nights mixed up.

    There are othere tests I would like done but I dont' do well with being poked and stabbed with needles, some thing about not having good veins or any veins that don't roll. Like I said I am abby normal. thru and thru.
  7. crickett

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    Rosemarie. I see a integrative dr. She did a saliva test on me called a c I insurance does not cover it so it was a 120.00 dollars but it was very thorough my parents both had cholesterol problems then they started to drink apple cider vinegar and they are doing well no medication they do stay away from fried foods and breads. I know how you feel about rheumotologist I went to see 1 for my fibro and osteo arthritis of the neck he told me that to keep on doing what I was doing most of his patients come in walking with a Cain he said people with fibro have pretty much miserable lives . He offered me lyrica but I told him I was very chemical sensitive . So needless to say I have not been back . I've lost all my friends because they just do not understand why I cannot go shopping and eat out when they say I look fine. I told them if u only seen my insides u would no. I feel like a baby 2 crying all the time over stupid stuff . Crazy had another emotional day but just kept taking my l theaine and tried to keep myself busy . Will say prayer for you on your knees lord I know that must be very painful .

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