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    Hi everyone. I recently went to a pain management specialist for my fibromyalgia and this dr. took me off of my Lortab - generic is a Hydrocodone mix. He put me on a medication called Flextra. - Rhinoflex is the generic. The pharmacist told me that this medicine works more like a muscle relaxer. I have tried it and it is OK. It makes me pretty sleepy, and does relax my muscles, but it is definetly not the same as the pain pills I have had in the past - Hydrocodone and Darvocet. I am not so sure that I can take these muscle relaxers and still function at work - especially because it does not relieve the majority of the pain. It just dulls it a little. Anyhow, I was told by my new dr. that taking Hydrocodone over a long period of time will actually INCREASE my pain. I have a friend who also has fibro and she takes 3 Hydrocodone pills per day and her dr. is ok with it. I was taking 2 per day. Does anyone else take Hydrocodone? Has anyone else had their dr. be concerned about the use of Hydrocodone/Lortab for pain w/ longterm use? Every dr. that I have had has always had the goal to get me off of the narcotic med. that I was on for pain. It is a GREAT goal - I would LOVE to be able to make it without these strong medications, but my reality is what I have to deal with every day. EVERY DAY, I have pain that on a scale of 1-10 is usually a 6 or higher. I have to work to help support my husband and I . My pain med's alone are around $160 per month w/ insurance. I had asked another dr. I had seen at one time if there were any longterm negative effects on my body from taking 2 Darvocet per day for my illness, and he said , no, not at that dosage and amount. I would like to have a dr. that would just accept my illness for what it is and what it does and be comfortable with prescribing the pain medicine that I need just to function every day. Dr's seem so nervous about prescribing pain med's these days. Why is that? Is is because people abuse medications so much? One dr. stopped filling my med's one day just out of the blue - he said that because of his liscense he could not treat and prescribe my med's for longterm use. He didn't give me a one month notice or anything - I called to have my pain med refilled and he wouldn't do it. I went into a terrible flare- up and had to go to another dr. for pain medicine to tide me over until I got a new dr. That was VERY frustrating and stressful for me.
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    Doctor's are nervous about prescribing pain medicine because they are watched by a board and can get it trouble for prescribing too much. (which is terrible unless they are giving it to people who don't really need it)

    My Dr. seems fine giving me Tylenol #4 with codeine. He understands I cannot work without something for the pain. I would love to get off of it but won't be able to move. I fear the day I have to get off of it but will face that when it comes. I have to survive NOW.
    It took me a long time to find a Dr. who would give me pain medicine long term. I am grateful to have him although he doesn't know what else to do to help me.

    My pain is usually 6 or higher even with the pain meds.

    Try and see if you can get your medicine in a generic form. I just discovered mine is cheaper on that site. (you do not have to belong to costco nor live by one, they will mail it to you)

    I always keep 10 pain pills aside in case something comes up like happened to you. Gives you time to find another Dr.

    Good luck to you
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    Hi, glad you have joined us. Can't help with your meds, I only take Xanax once a day.

    But I know others here will be glad to share their experience with you.

    Klutzo is very good with the meds, she should be able to help you when she is on the board.

    Lots of people are having problems having their pain meds refilled by the doctors. Its so awful to just cut someone off of a drug that is helping them.

    I always take way less then prescribed with the Xanax, that way I have many over in case I can't get them. That way I can wean myself off of them if necessary.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope others see your post in the morning, the board is always slow on holidays.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    My doctor has no issue with me taking Lortab 3 times a day. I think they like to give you things for only 3 times because that gives you a stretch through the night where essentially the med is a missed 6 hour period.
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    Is Tylenol #4 w/ codeine considered a narcotic? just curious... does it work on all muscle pain for you? - cjr2003
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    Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here! ... I am curious... do you take your Xanax for anxiety? I have a prescription for it too - I have had terrible anxiety for several years now - it really seems to help but this new med I am on - Effexor - REALLLLLLY seems to be kicking it in the butt! yeh! for me! There's not much worse for me than walking around feeling like I am going to jump out of my skin at any given moment. Laying down to take a nap, and I can't because I am so wired. Even at night, I have these "attacks" and can physically be tired buy my mind is just going like the energizer bunny. Very hard to just relax. anyhow,nice to meet ya, and look forward to getting to know everyone. Have a great day. -cjr2003
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    Hi Jessica! Nice to hear from you! I am new here too. Bless your heart- to have one disease is more than enough, but you have lupus nephritis as well, and 4 little ones looking up to ya - ya just have to take it one day at a time,huh. Do you have family that is able to help with the kids? My husband and I do not have any children yet - we were married this past fall. I am so sorry to hear that you have to take chemo - I am not too familiar with lupus nephritis - is it cancer? My grandfather has lupus and he suffers from sores and very weak muscles . I hope that your flare-up ends soon - s-times they can seem so neverending. I suppose anytime I am in constant pain the clock just seems to drag away. Take care - Carla
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    Hi! :>) I am saying a prayer for you for your chemo tomorrow. Are you allowed to have anyone with you while you are there? hope so dear.
    Not all of my family can relate to my illness either. My brother is in complete denial that there is anything physically wrong with me at all- that is very hard- it hurts in a way that I had never experienced before.My parents are completely supportive along with my husband.My mom really got me through the past 7 years since I was diagnosed.She's an ANGEL!
    Have you heard from your son since he left? Do you know where he is at? That must be hard. But I would have to agree with you, drinking is definitely s-thing that I am against from the beginning. I was raised in a Christian home so I have some pretty strong beliefs/convictions.
    I am glad that they have a treatment for you for your lupus nephritis - your poor little kidneys sound stressed out - you probably are too - huh? I know the pain from my fibro. can stress me out- I get so tired physically and mentally from the exhaustion from the illness. and there is always so much to do. but i work on pacing myself all the time.
    well, i have to run - hubby has to use the phone! Best wishes, Carla